January 09, 2004

What a night!

I just got back from the sales conference.... seriously. It is 3:35 in the AM. We had meetings all frickin day from 8-6 at the Ritz in Pasadena. Man, is it beautiful. Then we had an hour break to go either back to your hotel room or home. I didn't get a hotel room because I live like 10 blocks away. Only those who lived like 20 miles away got rooms. How lame is that? They are basically asking us to drink and drive (which I don't do of course).

So, back at the Ritz at 7:00 PM for cocktails... then into the Murder Mystery. I've never been to one before so I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I had assigned seating and had to watch performers do skits and figure out who murdered who and why. Whatever- it was totally fun. Those sitting at my table were awesome and we really bonded. We almost won! We got almost everything right except one part. Bummer..... but the food was great and the company was awesome and the show was pretty funny.

After that, we went to another bar in the hotel (after already having two drinks). There was this amazing blues band playing and this woman singing the blues who must have been in her 60's or so. She was incredible. We all sat there grooving and listening to her amazing voice.... and drinking. At that point I was pretty tipsy... and they invited my friend Karen and I up on the stage to sing with the band. No idea what they were going to play.... we were just going to sing and riff some bluesy shit out. So frickin cool. We kicked some serious ass. It was so great because no one I work with knows that side of me. Totally different. I had MANY people coming up and complimenting me all night. Very cool.

At around one, we decided to hit the jacuzzi. I didn't have any bathing suit with me but figured my bra was full coverage.... and one of the guys had an extra pair of boxers. At that point, I really couldn't care less. We ended up in the spa.... me, Karen, and Wenzell. Everyone else was supposed to join us but didn't make it before the security guys kicked us out! :) ha ha ha. From there, we went back to Karen's room to chill out and dry off.

When I went to return Wenzell's wet boxers, we ran into my boss, Jim from Chicago and a couple other high level guys, playing poker for real money and drinking in the lobby. We sat with them and talked for a good 45 minutes.

I suddenly knew I either was going to sleep in Karen's room, or drive the 10 blocks home. I decided to go home. I was tired and was craving my own bed! I took Karen's number and said I would call as soon as I got home so she knew I was ok. It took me three minutes to get home safely. I called Karen.... ran up the stairs.... grabbed a bottle of water and some pepper jack cheese and triscuits (because I'm totally hungry and dehydrated)... logged on to write this... and now, going to bed. I have to be up for the last day of the sales conference 3 1/2 hours. YAY!!!

Last night, I was at the Ritz until 12:30 AM dancing my buns off with all of the international sales folks. That was a blast.

What an amazing night this was. I've never felt so free. *smile*

Posted by Jenny at January 9, 2004 03:47 AM