January 19, 2004

Fun in the sun!

I had such a great weekend. It was totally filled with friends, family, and lots of TLC. It made me very thankful for where I am in my life and for the amazing people who continually support me and make me laugh. And, the weather was just gorgeous. I walked around Huntington Beach by myself Saturday afternoon and I was just amazed at how beautiful it was out. It made me want to live down by the beach! Of course, I still get down occassionally... but who doesn't? I figure that is what we call "normal".

I bought myself a present on Friday before heading down to the beach. I got thee coolest digital camera. I was going to wait until the end of the month to buy it but I just couldn't help myself. I got the canon powershot s400. It is so great... and it captured some awesome moments this weekend. I was so excited to come home and plug it into my mac and download the pictures. Now all I need to do is get internet here at home so I can email the pictures and get a cable to plug in the printer so I can print them out. There is always something more to do! So stoked.

And tonight, the first episode of American Idol. YAY! I love that show. Especially the auditions. I've been through more than enough auditions and can totally relate to getting up there and having to sing or dance by yourself. It is stressful... and even more stressful being on camera! I'm looking forward to laughing my ASS off!

Although I had a fantastic weekend, I can't wait to sleep in my own bed! :)

Posted by Jenny at January 19, 2004 07:35 PM