May 24, 2004


The opening of the show was amazing! And... the second show was even better! I am so excited... we had a bunch of critics there too... LA Weekly, NPR, LA Times, Backstage, and Daily Variety... plus a few others. The reviews come out this week! I hope they are positive.


I even got a ton of sleep this weekend. Thank goodness. I was starting to get seriously burned out. Now, I just need to get through this week and then I'll have 4 days off!

Posted by Jenny at May 24, 2004 07:36 AM

Congratulations, Jenny! Perhaps I can see your show during
one of my future visits to L. A.


Posted by: Nel on May 25, 2004 10:47 AM

Ahhh....and to think...all those years that you never appreciated how lame you really are.

Congrats, H.

you rock.

Posted by: Mack Daddy on May 29, 2004 06:17 AM
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