July 25, 2003

Back on track.

Things are so crazy.... they are up, they are down, they are confusing. Currently, all is good. They will be even better at 4:00 PM when my phone makes that really cool logging out sound. That is when I will breathe a breath of relief!

Tonight, my friend Ryan, is playing live with my other friend Dena in Huntington Beach. So, Jon and I are off to see them KICK ASS!

That's all for now... more later.

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July 23, 2003

the 23rd.

Today has GOT to be a good day...... as 7 and 23 are my lucky numbers. It's a pretty busy day as well. I've got lunch plans with my Mom, an appointment at Cal State Northridge to check into their teaching credential program, and then a birthday party at a bar in LA for my friend/co-worker Nicole. Whew.....

Today, I will think positively.

Today, I will take many deep breaths.

Today, I will not focus on the "what if's" of the future.

Today, I will believe everyone has the right intentions.

Today, I will believe in the possibilities.

And today, I will be accepting of everything life brings.

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July 21, 2003


I hate that I keep doing these quick updates of my life instead of consistently writing. I miss the daily blogs. I feel like I haven't written in so long and it's too difficult to catch up. Sacramento was good.... Indiana was good.... the weddings were fun..... *Deep sigh* So much is going on right now that it is kind of hard to write about.

I'm torn between what to say and what not to say... I wish there were filters on this site so if I wanted to talk about work stuff, people I work with wouldn't be able to read it. Or be able to talk about personal life stuff and only friends and people I don't really know could read it.

I don't know.... I guess I could be balls to the wall and talk about everything and risk hurting people's feelings or getting in trouble... or not caring... but that just isn't me. I'm too affected.

So, what can I say..... life is stressful. That's for damn sure. I'm uncertain about my job, I'm uncertain about the next four months, I'm uncertain about my apartment, and I'm uncertain about what I want. The positive side is that I have a job, I have a steady pay check, I have a roof over my head, and I have friends that love me. I guess that makes up for all of the uncertainty. It sure doesn't help my anxiety induced stomach aches though. I feel like a change is a comin'.

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