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Who is the Net Authority? People are talking about it. People are linking to it. It's either a bunch of fundamentalist crazies or a brilliant parody. And while I'd love to investigate, I have a book to write. So, instead, I think I'll just forward their phone number to these guys and let the truth sort itself out.

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» I'm tempted to say that this is a parody (especially after reading the MetaFilter thread and looking at the Net Authority site itself). The giveaway, I think, is the "Interracial pornography" section of their "guidelines". I've known quite a few fundamentalists in my day, but none who are that blatant or that far off the deep end.

Mike  { 6.23.01 @ 12:41am }

» Derek, "I am Your DJ" is hilarious. How I haven't run across it before now, I don't know. Of course, the Jakob Nielsen bit is my favorite. :-)

Jay Allen  { 6.24.01 @ 2:23am }


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