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"Love is as strict as acting. If you want to love somebody, stand there and do it. If you don't, don't. There are no other choices."
– Tyne Daly

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» And if they don't return it?

– Thomas Coil  { 6.22.01 @ 5:15pm }

» really funny coinkydink. I've run into Tyne Daly THREE times in the airport.

Now... this has to be some odd twist of fate. I'm not sure what it means... but I would have to say, "Do not cross this lady." She is no blushing bride.

Hats off to Tyne.

Kevin-John  { 6.22.01 @ 8:37pm }

» Oddly enough, I've run into TIM Daly several times at the local Bread & Circus (a health food store owned by the larger Whole Foods chain).

They both still live (or have houses) in Rhode Island and frequent all the local haunts whenever they're in town.

Sigh. I loved those Cagney and Lacey re-runs! So eighties!

paula a.  { 6.23.01 @ 11:41am }

» Thomas Coil: And if they don't return it?

at least you tried. and i'll always believe that giving love and not getting it in return is forever better than not giving it at all.

liz  { 6.24.01 @ 10:57pm }


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