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and this was only the first night

Three things I learned in two hours at one bachelor party:

1. The "bush" in "Alaska Bush Company" refers to fauna, not floura.

2. My Santa Cruz education did not prepare me for the reality of a strip club. No one there cares if I support their right to do this as individuals.

3. Strip clubs are places completely devoid of irony, unless the four women dancing onstage to "Fools on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine knew something I didn't.

{ 4:28pm }



» Dude!

– michaelb  { 8.25.01 @ 6:19am }

» Kind a weird.

at the moment i posted the above post, we had a BIG earthquake here in kyoto!

– michaelb  { 8.25.01 @ 6:21am }

» It kind of ruins the irony you found (although it might still be applicable to a strip club for the ladies) but the name of the song is "Bulls On Parade". For the sake of your good story I wish is was "Fools on Parade".

james  { 8.25.01 @ 8:20am }

» Damn! I always thought it was "fools!" Foop. Life is never as perfect as the story you tell about it....

Derek  { 8.25.01 @ 2:40pm }

» Back in 1998 I had my own bachelor party alone with one of my cats (the oldest male). No friends, no strips. The cat (whose name is Pepette) got drunk, would you believe that cats enjoy champagne that much? It was amazingly funny and intense, I talked to him all night long about my fears and my excitement, and he listened as few buddies can do. Then we fell asleep on the couch, happy and intrigued by the new life starting up the next day.

Fabrizio  { 8.27.01 @ 2:36am }

» **resisting urge to make obligatory cat story/strip club joke**

Scott  { 8.28.01 @ 5:37am }

» Scott - go on then, tell us ;-)

Tom Cosgrave  { 8.28.01 @ 8:33am }

» I didn't have an actual joke in mind. I was just tying to imagine the possibilities of a joke that tied Derek's strip club experience and Fabrizio's bachelor party at home stroking his drunken pussy cat. Ahem.

Scott  { 8.29.01 @ 12:03pm }

» Right so.
Forget I asked.


Tom Cosgrave  { 8.29.01 @ 1:41pm }


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