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frozen, burnt, and back

In the last 12 days, I went to my first bachelor party, ate blueberries right off the bush while hiking the Alaskan wilderness, took 4 flights, sat in the back of an RV for 268 lumbering miles, shot two dozen rolls of film, drank (and sweated) gallons of water in the dusty desert, saw naked people painting themselves with food coloring, danced and danced and danced, rode a bike through a dust storm, and watched a giant wooden man burn to the ground while over 25,000 people screamed their heads off.

Today, I'm resting.

{ 1:17pm }



» Welcome back, I just got home myself and I can't even really talk about it right now...the words just escape me. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself and I hope to see pictures soon :)

Tom  { 9.4.01 @ 12:31am }

» Welcome home Derek!
I'm taking off on an 11 hour oddessy in a couple of days. I'll be in SF in about 56 hours or so....

Should be a blast...

Tom Cosgrave  { 9.4.01 @ 1:49am }

» "Rolls" of film? I figured you'd be all digital by now. Any particular reason for sticking with the paper?

Scott  { 9.4.01 @ 7:05am }

» Scott -- Prints, baby! I love digital, but if you're considering hanging an 8x10 on your wall, you'd better shoot film. Plus, there's no good way to recharge your batteries on the playa. And, also, digital cameras are all basically 100 ASA. If you wanna shoot fast (800 ASA on the playa at night is a must), you gotta shoot film.

Don't get me wrong, I love my nikon 950. But it just wasn't the right thing to shoot a wedding and Burning Man. The bummer part is, now I have to wait to see the pics. Totally old fashioned, eh?

Derek  { 9.4.01 @ 9:07am }

» I totally agree Derek. In the time you've been away, I've also been to a wedding, and the shots in the church and at the dinner didn't come out that well at all. I was trying for close ups of the rings being exchanged and they looked blurred. I wish you could swap types of film as easily as you can with a film camera.

My dad has a Canon SLR type that he rarely uses because it's too advanced for his needs - I've set my sights on it already, so if I go to Antarctica (2003, fingers crossed) it's gonna be used and used to excess.

Of course film cameras are pretty expensive, what with processes - unlike digital shots - they really cut down on costs!

Tom Cosgrave  { 9.4.01 @ 10:23am }

» I miss having time to do burning man events. ~sigh~ Glad you had a good time, Derek.

Stephen  { 9.5.01 @ 6:31am }

» Derek, I'm having trouble expressing words which will sufficiently communicate how I have felt about the last week, so I'll just say, for now: WOW...

Jay Allen  { 9.5.01 @ 10:54am }


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