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God I love that drive.

Years ago, when I got my first digital camera, I immediately drove across the Bay Bridge, shooting it out the window like a lunatic. Those photos ultimatey became the framework for telling one of my dearest stories.

Sometimes this city still sings to me.

{ 10:15am }



» I have yet to drive the Golden Gate or Bay bridges. I did plan this year for it, but then we all know what happened, and the bridges were closed to pedestrian traffic.

Next year, for sure.

Speaking of photos, I just put my San Francisco ones up here...

Tom Cosgrave  { 10.15.01 @ 10:31am }

» I remember my last trip to SF when I was in College visiting the left coast for a 50th anniversary of my Mom's parents' wedding. We drove across the Bridge in the middle of the summer in thick fog with my parents.

We got out at the park (sorry, I don't recall the name) and the temperature was EASILY 50 degrees. And windy. IN JULY.

That's one of my most vivid memories of the city. With the top of the bridge disapearing into banks of fog above, feeling as if I were on top of a mountain with clouds flowing around me.

Now if I would have only had a camera... Guess I need to visit again :)

John Athayde  { 10.15.01 @ 11:38am }

» Great Story.


– morris powazek  { 10.15.01 @ 9:59pm }


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