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this friday friday friday

At around noon on Friday, I'll take part in a round of Photoshop Tennis with my sweetie Heather. Tune in - it's gonna be fun.

{ 1:30pm }



» i got $5 on the "champ". i mean, she has that last name for a reason. :)

john e. mays  { 10.17.01 @ 4:55pm }

» Now this will be one to watch...

Photoshop tennis rules.

Dave  { 10.17.01 @ 5:12pm }

» this is all I have to say...

You "win" ... you "lose."
...You "lose" "win."
....take heed my son.

– you know who  { 10.17.01 @ 9:07pm }

» "Gotta know when to hold em... know when to fold em..."

good luck to both of you, I'll be watching in eager anticipation. And, Ms. Champ, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but Derek - kick her but dude.

John Athayde  { 10.17.01 @ 11:17pm }

» "You know who" has a very good point.

Then again, I can't see Derek throwing the match just for brownie points. Two artists wouldn't compromise the creative process for something as "petty" as love.

Or would they? ;^)

Definately looking forward to this one! Best of luck to you both, and despite her tp hanging tendancies, Go Heather!


One  { 10.18.01 @ 5:16am }

» Hm... love's petty? I think that everything but love is petty. Hell, I'll throw the Superbowl to get that lovin' feelin... woooah that lovin' feelin...

I've got to get more sleep.

jedrek  { 10.18.01 @ 5:32am }

» I'd like to see Champ vs Champion

Caroline  { 10.18.01 @ 11:44pm }

» i predict the match will end with the score of love-love. perhaps?

Lana  { 10.19.01 @ 7:41am }


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