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Deet do dee do dee do do
Just a thought from 31 May 2004 about .

A personal message from me to whomever created those evil Magic Mountain commercials with the tiny man in the bald mask flailing around to the best in 1999 trash dance pop:

Dear sir,

I hope that someday, somewhere, someone takes a sharpened Number Two and burrows it into your ear, ever so slowly, over the course of several days. Then, just when you get used to the pain, he starts on your eyes.

No, really. I'm sure you're very talented. It's just that you deserve to be tortured, you know, a lot, for sticking that f*cking song in my head for the last few days. You know that worm they put in Spock's ear in The Wrath of Kahn? It's like that. That worm is in my brain, and I'm screaming, and it's your fault. Hence, torture. I'm sure you get this a lot, so let's just get started, shall we?

Thanks, Derek

Buy my Mac
Just a thought from 22 May 2004 about , .

power mac for saleAfter two years of faithful service, I'm selling my beloved Apple Power Macintosh G4 because I got a new computer. It works perfectly, runs all the latest software, and it's got a ton of RAM and hard drive storage space, so it's a great computer for sound editing, image processing, producing DVDs, or just about anything else!

Because I'm the anal sort, I even have the original box and all associated packing materials, so you know it'll ship safely. Also included is the original manual and CDs. All you need is a monitor and you'll be all set!

Interested? Bid at eBay now!

UPDATE: Sold! Thanks for playing.

How I use Movable Type
Just a thought from 18 May 2004 about , .

Since she asked so nicely, I'm using Movable Type for my personal, nonprofit work on four domains:

Here on Powazek.com, I've got two blogs going: the one you're reading and my sister's site. And, as you might expect, it's just us two posting. That fits into the free license nicely.

Over at Ephemera, it's just me posting to one photoblog. Easy as pie.

On Fray, things get more complicated. We've got three blogs there: Storyblog, Event News, and third one that's not public. It's the author limit that blows the deal.

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Me via Stewart
Just a thought from 17 May 2004 about .

It's dangerous having friends with phone cams ... and really incredible photo sharing community tools.
Originally uploaded by Stewart.

Just a thought from 16 May 2004 about .

Happy Birthday to me!

Just a thought from 15 May 2004 about , .

A couple bits of me out there in the ethernet....

The Campfire Makes a Comeback
A great story in SF Station by Nirmala Nataraj about the storytelling revival that's been going on the last 30 years. In some ways, Fray is a rebellion against traditional, fictional storytelling, but I'm almost relieved the story didn't get into that.

Google is Cool
A story I wrote for AlterNet about everbody's favorite search engine. It's a decidedly non-geeky article, written for the normals who are wondering why everyone's been so preoccupied with the company lately.

Irony, a definition
Just a thought from 13 May 2004 about .

Irony: Bloggers all over the world using their free copies of Movable Type to bitch and moan about the new version, which asks people to pay for it.

I understand why people are pissed. Six Apart could have done a better job of explaining what was changing and why. Most people's first link was to secure.sixapart.com, which hit them with a pricing table and little explanation. This is a major shock to anyone used to the joy and freedom (emphasis on the "free") of Movable Type.

But I've long been amazed that such a powerful tool was free. All those bloggers pitching fits need to take a step back and look at what they've been getting for free all this time, and the facts about the new licenses.

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Fray Wins a Webby
Just a thought from 12 May 2004 about .

Fray is the winner of the 2004 Webby Award in the Print & Zines category.

I know it's not cool to be stoked about something like this. I should be detached and ironic. I should point out that there's no awards ceremony this year. (Hell, there's no award - the big springy things they used to give to the winners are are now a mere $350.) I should be blase.

But I'm not. I'm stoked. Because Fray is not just me. Fray is dozens of contributors, hundreds of volunteers and performers and audiences, thousands of posters, and millions of readers. We've all been doing this thing for seven and a half years just for the love it.

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New in {fray}: The Worm Within
Just a thought from 7 May 2004 about .

toiletBack in November of last year, when we had our first Fray event in Cardiff, Wales, one of the most unforgettable stories of the evening came from Vincent Eaton. After the show I told him, "I've heard a lot of stories told at Fray events over the years, but I've never heard that."

Vincent has written down his story from that night, and we put it to some fantastic illustrations by the ever-talented Chris Bishop. We hope you enjoy our new story, The Worm Within. And tell us: What's lived in you?

Speaking of Fray, today (Friday) is the last day to vote for Fray in the Webby People's Voice Awards. If you like Fray, please take a moment to show your support! (Update: All done! Thanks to everyone who voted.)

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Deet do dee do dee do do
31 May 2004

Buy my Mac
22 May 2004

How I use Movable Type
18 May 2004

Me via Stewart
17 May 2004

16 May 2004

15 May 2004

Irony, a definition
13 May 2004

Fray Wins a Webby
12 May 2004

New in {fray}: The Worm Within
7 May 2004

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Deet do dee do dee do do  31 May 2004

Buy my Mac  22 May 2004

How I use Movable Type  18 May 2004

Me via Stewart  17 May 2004

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