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My Resolutions for 2006
Just a thought from 28 December 2005 about , , .

Last year I made some resolutions here on the ol' dotcom. Let's recap:

1. Sell the car. Check!

2. Launch JPG. Check!

3. Quit smoking. Check! Then ... uncheck. Sigh.

4. Kick ass at work. IMHO, Check!

5. Remember to treasure every moment. Doing my best.

6. Be more patient with those who mean well but communicate poorly. Doing my best.

7. Take Fray to the next level, whatever that is. Does putting it on hiatus count? If so, check.

8. Self-publish a book. Check!

I guess I'll keep those "doing my best" ones on the list for this year, as well as that pesky unchecked one. And here area few new ones for 2006:

9. Get more serious with JPG Magazine.

10. Say yes more than no. Much more.

11. Keep feathering the nest.

12. [This one's in my inside voice. I know what it is. You'll see.]

The Household Beautification Project Continues
Just a thought from 28 December 2005 about , .

Our hallway ceiling is now a stunning shade of "Frank's Fire." The only Frank I know is my cousin the accountant, and, as far as I know, he's never been on fire. But if he was, I assume he'd be this color.

A Very Special Christmas Post
Just a thought from 18 December 2005 about , , .

I do not hate Christmas. I do not hate hearing Christmas songs in every store I go into. I do not hate the expectation that most people have around this time of year that everyone around them should be filled with "Christmas Cheer." I do not hate the presents - buying them, wrapping them, standing in long lines to mail them to every cousin I can manage to remember.

I do not hate that every show I watch has to have a Very Special Christmas Episode. I do not hate that every newspaper and magazine I pick up has something about Christmas - how I should celebrate it, how I should believe in it, how I should care about how other people celebrate and believe in it.

I do not hate the candy canes and Christmas trees that adorn every storefront in town. I do not hate the candy cane stripes on the parking meters, the city-owned and operated meters, that appeared just after Thanksgiving. I do not hate the slowly dying pine trees that sprang up overnight where empty lots used to be. I do not hate the expectation everyone has that I'm going to buy one.

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New in JPG Magazine
Just a thought from 4 December 2005 about , , .

Heather and I just put the finishing touches on some great new stuff for JPG Magazine.

JPG Magazine Issue 4

JPG Magazine Issue 4: No Theme is now available! For the final issue of our first year, we decided to take a break from the usual theme. We just asked for your best photos of 2005. And we got 'em!

Inside issue 4 you'll find 35 amazing photographs, an interview with Youngna Park and Zach Klein about their "Candy Cane for Your Portrait" project, and a set of brilliant lomos by featured photographer, Kevin Meredith.

JPG Magazine Issue 5

We've also announced the theme for Issue 5: Photography is Not a Crime. In a post 9/11 age of paranoia and suspicion, public photography has become threatening, even criminal. And we here at JPG are sick of it.

For Issue 5, we're asking you to go out in public and take photos. Insist on your rights as a photographer. Shoot where people tell you not to. And, of course, send the best one to us. Submissions are open now until January 15, 2006.

Chawazek 2006
Just a thought from 1 December 2005 about , , , .

our sanfrancisco 2006

Heather and I put 12 of our favorite photos of San Francisco together and made a 2006 calendar. Here's a fun game: See if you can guess which months are hers and which are mine. Get yours today!

See also: The Bug Calendar!

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My Resolutions for 2006
28 December 2005

The Household Beautification Project Continues
28 December 2005

A Very Special Christmas Post
18 December 2005

New in JPG Magazine
4 December 2005

Chawazek 2006
1 December 2005

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My Resolutions for 2006  28 December 2005

The Household Beautification Project Continues  28 December 2005

A Very Special Christmas Post  18 December 2005

New in JPG Magazine  4 December 2005

Chawazek 2006  1 December 2005

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