September 12, 2003

September 11 Anniversary

Yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about all of my friends in New York. I thought about what it must have been like these past two years, living in a state that had been so greatly abused and violated. It will be good for me to go to Ground Zero when I'm in New York in November.

I remembered where I was when it happened.

We told stories here at work.... the "where were you when" stories....

I can't believe I worked in the North Tower for two years... and left just two months prior to that horrible day. I give thanks to the powers that be for putting the idea in my head that I wanted to come home. All things happen for a reason, right? I wonder if that is why I didn't get Mamma Mia? I'd like to believe it is... among other things, I guess.

Last night, I said good night early and went into the bedroom with all intents of going to sleep. But instead, I turned on the TV and watched Dateline. Diane Sawyer had a huge segment on the children and widows from 9-11. All the Mom's told their stories of how they are moving on... how they are remembering... and how their now 2 year olds are growing up without a daddy. How the kids kiss the photos and know that "daddy is in heaven". It tore me up, seriously. I sat there with tears falling slowly, grieving for them..... and reliving the whole thing all over again..... thinking how horrible it would be if that were me. If I had lost the love of my life in a building that tumbled to the groung. In a building where two years later, they are still finding remains of the victims. How do you move on from that? How do you let go of those nightmares?

I fell asleep with a weary heart, wet eyes, hugging my teddy bear.....

Posted by Jenny at September 12, 2003 09:24 AM