September 16, 2003


So far so good.... the new job is going really well. I'm extremely busy but enjoying what I'm doing. The only thing that sucks is now that the anticipation is lowered and I'm not as stressed out, I'm getting sick. That always happens. I would always get sick after finals in college or after a big move... my body just kind of shuts down.

I am fighting it big time though... taking lots of vitamins, getting lots of sleep, and drinking lots of tea. I have no time to get sick. Jon and I are leaving Thursday after work to go up to San Francisco. Our friend's Andrea and Joel are getting married! Very excited. We are going to get there late Thursday night and hang with our friend Danny in Oakland. That'll be fun- make it more of a vacation than just going up for the wedding.

Think good, healthy thoughts for me!

Tonight- dinner with my dad. :o)

Posted by Jenny at September 16, 2003 11:56 AM