September 26, 2003

Yes, I'm Ashamed

Favorite TV shows that I am ashamed to admit I watch:

1. 7th Heaven - I know... as a Jewish girl, it just ain't right. But when my cousin, Erin and I lived together in North Hollywood, we would watch it every week.

2. Paradise Hotel - Ok, that show is so hilarious. The people on it are totally tragic.. and who knows even what they are winning. The winning couple gets something but they don't even know what they are playing the game for! Pure comedy.

3. Junior American Idol - It was bad enough that I watched American Idol and Fame, but Junior American Idol? Seriously, it was entertaining to watch the kids that were super bad… and it was totally inspiring to watch these 11 year olds that have really good voices. I could have shot Deborah Gibson (and her lisp) and Dionne Warwick (who basically looks dead).

4. Big Brother - This season’s was really good… the whole power struggle between Jee, June, Robert, and Ali. They were all talkin’ trash!

I'm going to go hide in my cave of shame now. hee hee hee

Posted by Jenny at September 26, 2003 04:44 PM

i don't even know what to are one odd, frightening mujer.

Ay dios mio.

Posted by: DaddyMack on September 27, 2003 07:56 AM
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