September 30, 2003

Dancin the night away..

Last night I went to my Afro Latino Groove class that I try to go to every Monday and Wednesday night. It is taught by a highly energetic man named Joey Dowdry. I've always gotten along with him well. Usually, after class, I will be outside the studio stretching and will chit chat with him about theatre and performing. He is extremely talented....

So, last night, I took class and he came up to me while I was stretching... gave me a dirty look. I'm sure it was because I hadn't been to class in almost a month. With the new promotion, I've been so tired and haven't felt like moving, let alone, dancing. He said I had "amazing technique". That felt pretty good, being that I haven't "danced" in quite a while. He asked what my training had been.... I told him who I had worked with at UC Irvine, in LA, and in NY. We knew some of the same people.

The coolest part of it was when he said he was choreographing a few new pieces and needs people "with fire" and was wondering if I was interested. Um... hell yeah! I would love to perform again.

See, on a quick tandem, I stopped performing not because I didn't love it and not because I wasn't good at it (to brag for a moment). I stopped performing because I was tired of the politics... I was tired of the instability... and I was tired of the rejection. I didn't like constantly auditioning. I didn't like feeling too short, too fat, too loud, not having the right look, or not good enough. THOSE are the reasons I stopped performing. That's why I like doing benefits so much. It gives me a chance to perform without having to audition!

When Joey asked if I would be interested in dancing again, I quickly said YES... because I would! The chance to do something meaningful or work on a project would be awesome. He asked if I sang too because he might want to throw in some live vocals in some numbers. Woo-hoo! I gave him my number and said I wasn't available for rehearsals during the day on weekdays but was available evenings and weekends. We'll see what happens.

I looked up his name on the internet to see what else he had done and it turns out he was the original choreographer for the BackStreet Boys! How cool is that. He also choreographs all over LA for dance teams and benefits, etc. So, this might be a really great connection to have.

On a high note, I might get to perform again!

On a low note, I missed 7th Heaven! Did anyone see it? Fill me in!

Posted by Jenny at September 30, 2003 03:53 PM

Yes...I saw it, although I did do some channel flicking because it was getting stupid. Annie's dad was sick, so she went to his house. Ruthie's boyfriend got beaten up by some kids at school who were bad mouthing Simon, so he let them beat HIM up so they would stop saying mean things. Simon, still mega depressed, broke up with his girlfriend, went to see a guy at the "board of education" (whatever that means) about passing a test and going away to college. Meanwhile, his ex girlfriend came over to babysit the twins (she and Simon had a brief moment). Chandler dated this wierd girl. The older brother of the kid that Simon ran over got picked up for buying joint papers and having grass. and so it goes...
VERY cool about the preforming possibilities!

Posted by: Mom on September 30, 2003 08:01 PM
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