November 13, 2003

NY NY, a wonderful town...

I am in NYC this week... visiting friends... and being blown away by the winds. Man, there are like 45 mph winds today. I'm glad I flew in yesterday and not today. The flight yesterday was a bit bumpy though... I had some moments of fright. But, I didn't scream or anything. I just gripped the arm rests tightly and breathed deeply! :) I got lucky... no one sat next to me. So, I had plenty of room to stretch out and sleep. JetBlue rocks....

Yesterday, I got in 45 minutes early... seriously. That was cool. I jumped in a cab and started calling all of my friends to announce my arrival. About a half hour later, I arrived in Astoria at my friend Tiffany's house. She lives on 28th Street in between 23rd Avenue and Ditmars. So, this is about 13 or so blocks north of my old place. Tiffany had left keys for me in the mailbox so I just let myself in and checked the place out. It's a totally cute two bedroom apartment. They made it so nice....

Since Tiff wasn't going to be home until 6:00, I set mysef up and headed out to Ditmars where all the shops are. I was starving. I had a yogurt, a banana, and some coffee all day... that was it. So, I went to my all time favorite place in the hood called Pizza Palace. Jeff, you know what I'm talking about! :) I got the chicken parm with baked ziti. YUM. It was the same place it used to be three years ago with the kiddie carousel in the corner. Wow... On my way back to Tiff's, I stopped by the flower shop and picked up some flowers for their house as a sort of house-warming/thank you for letting me stay present.

As soon as I got back, I kicked off my boots, took off my coat and scarf, and plunged into my ziti goodness. It was so freakin good... They have cable too so that was kind of exciting... I sat there, fllicking channels... and then fell asleep. Next thing I know, it's ten to six... so, I got up and made myself look presentable... and then ding dong... Tiff was home!

We sat down, caught up, had a drink... and then went to meet her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend, Chris, at a local Mexican place for some grub. We had some guacamole and margaritas and a bunch of laughs... good times.

I think I made it up to 11:00... read in bed for a while... and then passed out around 11:45.

This morning, I got up and everyone was gone at work so I had the place to myself. Coffee was already made (thanks Tiff).... I just watched the Morning show... relaxed a bit. And then got ready- had keys made for myself- and then went over to my friend's Andrea and Joel's house... who also live in the hood. They live like 5 blocks from here. We caught up for a few hours, looked at pictures from their recent wedding, played with their kitties... and here I am back at Tiffany's.

I'm about to go over to my friend David's house, who also lives in the hood. We'll catch up for a bit and then I'm off to the upper east side to see my friend, Noelle in a play of one acts that happens to have their opening night tonight! Sweet.

Tomorrow... lunch with my friends at Merrill Lynch and viewing the World Trade Center. That should be rough... but definitely needs to happen. Then, happy hour with Andrea and Joel, and then a night out on the town with Tiffany. Watch out! :)

Meanwhile, good thoughts being sent to Jon's dad, Dick. He was in the hospital all week with a blood clot in his lung. Scary stuff. He is out of the hospital now and slowly getting better. We are all thinking good thoughts for him and wishing him a speedy recovery. *smile*

Posted by Jenny at November 13, 2003 11:13 AM