November 14, 2003

World Trade Center day

Last night, I had a great time... spent some time with my friend David.... saw pictures from his cruise the last year. And then I went to the upper east side to see my friend Noelle in a play of one acts. Her scenes were definitely the best. It was good to see her. Got back around midnight... read a bit... and then went to bed. It is FREEZING here.... and very windy.

Today, I'm off to have lunch with my friends that I used to work with at Merrill Lynch. After lunch, I'm going to walk around what used to be the World Trade Center. It's going to be a hard day.... but I need to see it. I've only seen pictures and that's been hard enough.

Tonight, drunken debauchery with Tiffany.

Posted by Jenny at November 14, 2003 06:38 AM