January 20, 2004

After watching American Idol and calling four different friends to come over and hang out with me, I went outside to sit.... and talk through my plan. The plan is to be positive... after all, everything happens for a reason. No need to be down... this is what I would expect from him. I would expect for him to be selfish and not care about my feelings... to pretend it isn't a big deal. And honestly, it shouldn't be a big deal. We are broken up. He can do whatever he wants. I was just upset with his reaction to my reaction.

Anyway, as I'm sitting there, my neighbor across the way, comes outside. His name is Rod. He is australian and married to a woman who grew up in Claremont. Small world. He previously helped me take the boxes of new furniture upstairs that I bought from Ikea. That's when we were introduced. He saw me struggling and came over to help. He is a guitar player and photographer... and teaches out of his home.

He was outside on his porch... said hello. I instantly stopped talking to myself and said hello. We chatted a bit about how we were doing.. how the day was, etc. He asked me again about being a singer (which I think I told him when he told me he played guitar). I told him about NY and musicals.... and how I dance, etc. He told me how he has been working on recording a cd of his own music. He quickly invited me over to listen to my cd and for me to listen to his cd.

SURE! I said...

So, I spent a half hour with Rod while he listened to my song... and I listened to his four songs. He has sort of an Eagles/Fleetwood Mac edge. Very cool music. We chatted about music and inspiration and how we should jam sometime. He sensed I was upset about something and told me he hoped my week got better. I didn't tell him anything... he was just observant.

When I was walking back, he thanked me for sharing... I thanked him for sharing. He told me to come over anytime and to leave him my phone number so he could leave funny messages on my machine to make me laugh.

For a few minutes, I totally forgot about the recent events from the day. That was a really great vacation from the shit in my head.

And now, I'm thanking G-d (and Dr. Tint) for Prevacid and praying I will get some sleep.

Posted by Jenny at January 20, 2004 09:31 PM