January 21, 2004

Dance out the anger

I just got back from my jazz class. We are doing this combination to a song called, "When You Really Love Someone" by Alicia Keys. It is pretty powerful... and meaningful at this time. I had a really great class .... kicked some ass.

So, afterwards, I went up to Joey to talk to him about rehearsals for this show we are supposed to be doing on February 29. I figured we should be rehearsing soon. He says the rehearsal is Saturday from 3-6. I know I have a bar mitzvah to go to on Saturday... couldn't remember what time though so I said I could not make that. He said "well then, you can't be in the show".

I laughed... and said "yeah right".

And he said "no I'm serious. You have to be there."

"well, I can't. I have a family event that has been planned for the last three months!"

Then he gave me more shit and said that he had told me last week that rehearsals would be on saturdays. I told him normally Saturdays are ok but this one has been planned for a while now. At that point I was totally pissed. How dare he? You know, that is why I hated the business. They expect you to fuckin drop everything for a rehearsal or a call back. Well, I'm sorry... but my life continues. And if I can't do your stupid show, then your loss.

I ended up telling him that if I can't do the show because I can't be there this Saturday that is fine. And I walked away to get my shit. He said he'd call me and we could talk about it.

I can't believe this... my one outlet and it is falling apart too.

I think I walked in the middle of some other drama he was having. I think other people were telling him they couldn't make it either so he was overwhelmed and took it out on me. If he calls me, I'm going to tell him I don't appreciate being treated that way. If I'm going to perform in some show that won't pay me, my time is valuable and that should be respected. Bullshit. Like I am just going to leave my calendar open for when he calls rehearsals. Please....

ugh... how about something good happening? Bad things happen in three's right? I guess I have one more thing to come.... goodie.

Posted by Jenny at January 21, 2004 07:43 PM