January 24, 2004

Goodbye, for now.

I'm taking some time off from this site.

I feel like I'm going through so much that I shouldn't be taking my anger out here... publically. It isn't a good reflection of me and I don't want to hurt anyone with what I write. I think a lot of what I'm writing should be kept in my journal next to my bed and not advertised to the world. I go through these crazy emotions... post them... and then look back and read it and go... ouch.

So, I'm going to work some shit out... on my own.

I will be back.... I promise.

Till then, take it easy.

Posted by Jenny at January 24, 2004 12:45 AM

You know I wouldn't worry about venting your anger, frustration, hurt, confusion, happiness, trials, constant rambling thoughts both good & bad, utter confusion, feelings of loneliness and the constant uphill struggle that losing your best buddy and starting what seems like a SERIOUSLY daunting, but strangely NEW and EXCITING life can generate.

Life is a journey filled with change, emptied of guarantees or promises, an enigma wrapped in a riddle of roads constantly winding their way toward happiness and sadness too. Trying to find your way especially on your own two feet can be hard.

But guess what hang in there, better days are coming. Chin up battle on this is the opportunity you have been given to grow. Use it.

Someone who knows what your going through..


Posted by: DB on January 29, 2004 09:40 AM

Just stumbled upon your blog through your brother's blog (your brother, who I keep stumbling upon time and time again online over the past ... how many? ... years. I think there is a "six degrees of Derek," never mind Kevin Bacon), through Fray, through this really entertaining tapeworm article (who knew that could be entertaining), through my friend Lauren's blog mentioning tapeworms ... through ... dang, how long have I been online?

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a little shout-out of support. I often think the same of my own blog - "Do I sound like a lunatic?" ... "Do people think I'm 100% for real in how I'm talking here or do they realize a lot is just venting?"

... so if it's really *really* bad I'll post privately and if it's just regular-bad, I leave it public [ http://www.livejournal.com/users/gigablonde/ ] and hope for the best.

Sometimes it helps to know others are going through the same stuff, y'know? That's the feeling I had when I was reading your post about your ex ... (I hope that doesn't make you nervous or uncomfortable, me being a perfect stranger and all!) ... I've been going through some stuff and my mind normally just won't turn off, just like you're describing and there is a book which really helped me, it's called "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie- her technique or philosophy is called "The Work."

Now a disclaimer :: I am not selling anything and I have no association with Byron Katie whatsoever so my mentioning it is truly, sincerely just because it was helpful to me and may be helpful to you.

PS: Doing The Work is simple, free and you can find out about it here:
[http://www.thework.org ]
and try it out here
[http://www.thework.org/doTheWork/index.html ]
by doing a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet on whoever is consuming your thoughts at the moment .

I have a friend who does it with me, which is really helpful but you can do it yourself whenever you want to, perfectly for free. It's really great if it connects with you.

Ok, well, that's it for this stranger! I hope things have worked themselves out with the-situation-with-your-ex-which-is-none-of-my-business and I hope you're finding peace these days! Somethin' tells me you are. ;)


Posted by: raphael on June 19, 2004 03:30 PM
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