January 22, 2004

Time to turn my brain off.

I keep thinking about this girl that he "hooked up with". I know it's a total waste of mental power and energy... but I can't help thinking was it someone I know? Was it someone that we had over to the house? Was it someone that was waiting in the wings... ready to pounce as soon as I was out of the picture? Someone who he already had some sort of emotional relationship with which led to our break up? Or was it just some whore he met at a bar? Did they just make out .... or was it way more than that?

I need to just let it go. It's none of my business... and I don't think I'd feel better if I did know. But for some reason, my mind keeps going back there.

We're broken up... he can do whatever or whoever he wants to. I shouldn't care. I can't care anymore... I guess that will just take some time. For now, deep breaths....

Posted by Jenny at January 22, 2004 07:36 AM