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Happy birthday dad!

Magnolia is about a random day when many separate stories begin to overlap in unexpected ways. Well, life imitates art.
    Ever since I saw Magnolia, Aimee Mann has been on my mind (she did the soundtrack). Larry at the cd store downstairs said he'd have the cd for me by Wednesday, so I've been filling the craving by listening to Fiona Apple. Today I figured out that P.T. Anderson, who wrote and directed Magnolia, is Fiona's lover. She painted the art in Claudia's room in the movie. And P.T. is directing Fiona's videos. And what do you that blank page at the end of the cd booklet of Fiona's latest that says "PTA" stands for?
    But wait, there's more! The Aimee Mann songs in Magnolia also reminded me a lot of Michael Penn - a fantastic songwriter with a new album coming out soon. Now I find out that he's married to Aimee. And they both feature the talented Patrick Warren on keyboards. And guess where else Patrick appears. Yup, on Fiona's latest.
    And people say there's a web cabal.


Last night I dragged some friends out to see Magnolia at an 11pm showing. When we walked out at 2:20am, they were raving. And, though I do recommend the film (the acting, cinematography, and script were all superb), I couldn't help but feel disappointed that the cinematic crescendo used such a silly, unbelievable plot device.

Speaking of Magnolia, the music was just fantastic. I *heart* Aimee Mann.


I'm well again! Woooo!


The only thing that's a mystery to me is why anyone would take web design advice from a site so ugly.

Evany has introduced a new term to my lexicon: "carping out." That made me laugh for five minutes straight. Thanks, Evany. I needed that.


Being sick has given me a lot of time to watch tv, and watching a lot of tv has taught me three things:
1. Nobody actually loves Raymond. (But that redhead in the Saturn commercial can call me anytime.)
2. No, nobody said McDonalds. So stop asking.
3. That little wave in Craig Killborn's hair should be encased in glass in the Smithsonian. The rest can be tossed.


Just what the web needs, another free email / greeting card / homepage service. Hey Steve, you call that thinking different?

Speaking of different, the ripoff site I mentioned on the 29th has been redesigned. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

I'm sick. Again. Sigh.


There's a new Kvetch of the Moment up, and I think I actually mean it.

Big thanks to Greg for mopping up a little y2k glitch over at kvetch chat.


New in {fray}: where were you when the clock struck midnight?


The old lady in the fake fur coat gave me my mantra for the year 2000.


When did The Year 2000 become The Day After Tomorrow?

Call off the dogs - the site I mentioned on the 27th came down. Here's hoping the next version is 100% original and up soon.


I love it when the good guys win.

Tom wrote in with another ripoff (view source - he didn't even change the meta tags or noframes version). Sheesh.


Scott wrote me today to point out yet another brain donor. Do you think it's lame to steal a site's code and design? Tell them so.

My new friend Cindy is from Canada, and I swear I'm not trying to kiss her ass, but I think Canadians really grok the media. Any place that produced adbusters and shift is okay with me. And now this. Basically it's a tv news channel that works like a website - minimizing the talking head and providing multiple, simultaneous streams of information. Awesome.

I can't tell you how honored I am that {fray} is this site's exit link.

"Losing faith is much worse than losing some stuff." Amen.


The world has a little less soul today. :-(


Merry Christmas, if that's your thing. And if not, well, you know where you can go.

I'm not sure what it is about the holidays, but something in me is ready to clear out the cobwebs and get some shit done. So, in that spirit, here's a story I've been needing to tell for a long time. Please, tread lightly.


Wow! I just discovered that Michael put up all his photos from fray day 3. And they're wonderful! Some favorites: + + + + +


You can keep your white Christmas, I'll take Winter in California anytime.


I'm not afraid of the big 2K. Are you?


If reality keeps getting weirder, parody may soon be out of a job.


Today I woke up feeling healthy for the first time in a week. To celebrate, I walked down to Balazo for some fish tacos. In my shorts. In December. I love winter in San Francisco.

So, if I'm reading this correctly, Julia saw my old homepage and got so worried about appearing to copy me that she wound up in the hospital? Julia, really, cut back on the coffee. It's okay. I just wish we could graft some of that hyper-awareness onto the more clue-impaired folks out there.


Amoxicillin in my new best friend.

Dissing weblogs in your weblog is the new punk rock.

Quote of the day: "I've lived on nothing but dreams and train smoke." – Tom Waits


It's official - I have strep. And you know, I was feeling okay about it. Then I saw what it actually looks like. Bleaugh.


I'm sick. Major buzzing-in-the-ears, throbbing-in-the-head, throat-closing-up sick. Ugh.


Some interesting commentary from Lane on web plagiarism (that happens to use me as an example). I totally grok where Lane is coming from, but want to point one thing out: copyright law protects your right to make exact copies as well as derivative works of art. So even if a work is not exactly the same, if it's derivative of your copyrighted work, it's still a violation of your copyright. In other words, viewing source is flattery. Stealing source is a crime.

Hey, mom! Lookee! I'm an advisor. I feel important.

Today is a special day indeed. Congrats Maggy and Patrick!


Sigh. I guess one out of two ain't bad. Still, all that sound and fury and we wind up with the same two fuckers we started out with. Democracy is strange sometimes.

And, for a totally other reason, I am really really happy today. Happy is good. Hope you're happy, too.


Hey San Franciscans, today's the day! Let's make history. Get out there and vote.


Months ago, my friend Jon came to me with this nutty idea about making a directory of health professionals - massage, yoga, everything - so you can find someone to massage your spleen no matter where you are. Sounded like a good idea to me. So Shauna did the prototype, Christian did the backend, Maggie edited the copy, and I did the final design and production. Today it's finally live! Jon is still filling the database, so if you know anyone in the field, be sure to tell them about LifeDirectory.


I'm just so stoked about this adobe story, I thought I'd mention that you can read it in .fr, .de, and .jp, too! If, yaknow, that's your thing.


Dusted off for the holidays, a fray story by little old me: the tree.

Speaking of, don't forget to get your fray shop orders in by December 15 to get your stuff before the holidays!

Is all this holiday shite dragging you down? Fear not! It's time for the yearly reappearance of the holiday kvetchfest! Let it out, baby.

Finally, look! Actual proof I was in Boston! (My favorite is this one. Awww.)


My latest client webdesign project launched today. I think it turned out quite well.


Sometimes Maggie is too cool for words.


And wow! Check out all the cool shit I came home to:
Adobe spotlights fray. Beautiful!
Emma mentions fray in the WSJ. Password required, dammit. Anyone got one? Wanna send me the text?
A great review of fray. This guy really gets it. Thanks, Ho! (Can I call you Ho?)
Visions at mappa.mundi.net. My mug makes an appearance.
Another review of fray. Anyone speak ... uh, .dk?


I'm back in San Francisco at last. Boston's a great town, but boy am I glad to be home. If you were at my talk and are looking for the notes, or if you're just curious, you can find them here. Just don't ask me about the cybersex story. It's personal. ;-)


Today I'm giving my talk! Woop woop!


Today is Day Without Art.
Also, today I'm off for Web99 in Boston. Hope to see you there.


Hey, mom and dad! Still don't know what to get me for Chanukah?


It's thanksgiving. I don't eat dead birds, and I'm not a big fan of what the "pilgrims" did to Native Americans. Even so, it's a good day to drink too much and think about everything you're thankful for.


New in {fray}: Don Bruns has toothbrush envy.


I know, I know. Just what the web needs, another damn store. But at least this one supports a good cause. Ladies and gents, may I present ... the {fray} shop. (And I promise not to advertise it during Ally McBeal, too.)


Day Without Art is on its way again (December 1), and I'm proud to have contributed a banner.


Surfing through my referer logs today I found zilmer and mixedmedia - both are very cool sites (and not just because they linked here). Check 'em out.


Out of the rain in LA, into the fog of SF. It's good to be back. Speaking of, did I mention Powazek Productions now has a snail mail address? Postcards are welcome.


Today I'm off to LA for a little family and a little bidness. I hope Rob is right again.


Wow. ATM fees, Sunshine, Octavia, Ammiano.... We did it!


Hey San Franciscans, today's the day. Remember to vote!


Bittersweet Halloween memories. This year I went out as "disgruntled freelancer." I wore my trusty bathrobe, carried a cup of coffee and a keyboard, and screamed: "Where's my check?!?"


Another website falls to the dreaded tab metaphor. Sigh.


I have a confession to make. While I was in Europe, I did something I swore I'd never ever do: I wrote a book. And now I think I even want to get it published. So, hey, are you in the book biz? Know someone who is? Say hello.


At last! New in {fray}: rachel chalmers went beyond broken bay.


More proof! Check out the open mic performances from fray day 3 in all their low-fi glory.


Epinions does not deserve Lance Arthur.


New on fray.org: photos of fray day! Finally!


I thought that font looked familiar.


Yes, sir!


I've decided. My new neighborhood rocks. I've got a Sushi bar, an Italian restaurant, a French place, and an Irish pub - all on one block.


Wisdom in email today: "somewhere in one of those boxes must be an element of freedom, no?"


Moving sucks ass.


fray day 3 is here!


Don't fuck with me - I'm a hurricane.


One week until fray day 3!
Expect performances from fray contributors like Tarin Towers, Adam Rakunas, Shauna Wright, Maggie Powers, Michelle Compton, Gregory Alkaitis-Carafelli, Lance Arthur (if we feed him enough red wine), and probably me. And, of course, you are invited to perform as well. All the fun starts at 7pm this Saturday at Cell (2050 Bryant Street, between 18th and 19th, in San Francisco). If you can't make it, keep your eye on {fray} - I hope to do something special there.


I'm very pleased to announce that {fray} has been selected as a winner in the Communication Arts Interactive Design Annual 5 in the Entertainment category. "the {fray} brings literature to the web with force and immediacy." Check it out in the September issue of Communication Arts.

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