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I'm jetlagged, sick, and broke. But I'm home.


The European Adventure continues. Last week I saw the eclipse in Austria, then toured around Berlin. Today I embark on a 23 hour trip to Dublin, which involves four trains and two boats.


Today I leave for Kivik, Sweden, for the Exit 99 festival. If you'll be there on Friday, too, be sure to come check out the storytelling speakers (including yours truly).


Get 'em while they're hot: the official fray day 3 press release! (Major thanks to Greg - again!)


I cut my hair.


After a few months offline, kvetch chat is back! Be sure to scope out the new Communal Boot feature. (Mad props to Mister G.)


Today Ben alerted me that {fray} has been blocked by a censorware product called Bess. If you think this is as stupid as I do, tell them so. The fuckers (heh).


Last night I went to see Tom Waits in The Hague with Caroline. Amaaaazing show. And I came back with proof that Tom is, indeed, a ghost.


The folks at webzine99 asked me to submit a video about my thoughts on the future of online content. This is what I came up with (real player G2 required).


Where will you be on 9.18.99?


France was a blast, so was London. Next up: Sweden. All this traveling has made me appreciate great travel stories, and I got them with a vengance when my old friend Ian handed me his book in London last week. Buy it - it's fantastic. But be warned, it may make you quit your job and travel the world.


It turns out Netscape really dug the new {fray} story. So did Jason and Halcyon. And Netscape mentioned me in their newsletter, too! Yow. But any enlarged ego problems all this might cause will be fixed when I go to France tomorrow. (I hear they really like Americans. Heh.)


New in {fray}: dori mondon was exposed.


You know, designing an entire site in a weekend is usually the kinda thing that makes me grumpy. But seeing this go live makes me very happy indeed.


Hey, George! Ya speak German? Good. Me either.


I'm very happy to be part of k10k.net's [on] display exhibition. Submit your desktop!


When I designed this recent Word story, I found the text so disturbing, I tried to stress a certain simplicity in the design.


Today is my birthday. Be nice to me.


New in {fray}: adam rakunas has star wars memories.


Do you speak Swedish? Can you tell me what the hell I said?


Off to Amsterdam! Today I leave for Amsterdam for 4.5 months for a job at an exciting startup company called BitMagic. Wish me luck. And hey, if you live there and you'd like to show a homesick tourist webgeek around town, drop me a line.


fray.org news! The fray 3rd bday celebration has been scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 1999. Start practicing your songs and stories now, and be sure to join the announcement list to stay in the loop.


New in sfstories: It's just part of life in The City. At least, that's what I told myself.


Yay! San Francisco Stories is today's Rage of the Day over at Netscape.


New in {fray}: tarin towers is an abridged virgin.


Check out my article in the new edition of Netscape Web Building Studio: Frames just want to be loved. Come on all you frames haters, gimme your best shot.


My old friend Heather lists kvetch! as one of her favorite links in the April issue of Fast Company. Thanks, Heather!


I'm quoted in today's New York Times. Note: I prefer the term "differently illusioned."


I'm home from Texas! South by Southwest was a blast and I got some very nice feedback on my presentation. I shot a few photos while I was there. Wanna see?


I'm very happy to have been asked to be a judge in the H5 / ALA Design Contest. Submit your stuff!


Know what makes me happy? Watching good ideas spread. Thanks for making my month, Cathie.


Another blip in the "hey cool" department: The Guardian recommends {fray} at the end of a story about some other website you may have heard of.


So it looks like I'm going to Amsterdam at the end of the month. This trip will decide if I move there for a year for a job. I'm still not sure how to feel about it.


I added a new Kvetch of the Moment today. And the worst part is, it's a true story.


The client site I've been working on for the last month just launched and I'm very happy with the way the design came out. Take a look - especially if you're a teenager.


Hey, mom. No matter what anyone says, there is absolutely nothing new on sf stories today. Nothing. And if there was, it definitely wouldn't be about drugs.


Apparently {fray} came this close to winning the Seattle Times Best of the Web Award. I'm stoked. But can someone tell me why people insist on calling {fray} a poetry site? Sheesh.


Friday. Finally. To celebrate I added a new link. (There a whole lotta great links in the archive, too.)


New in {fray}: molly steenson is pulling a geographic.


Don't worry about me, mom. I'm okay. Really. It's just that my dreams seem to be playing tricks on me lately.


Got the Valentine's Day blues? Come kvetch about it with Maura Johnston in a very special kvetch chat on February 14, from 7-10pm EST / 4-7pm PST.


Back in November, ZDTV did a story on {fray}. It looks like the real video is finally online. Please note: I am 25, not 28; and the screenshots of fray are not supposed to be white. Still, it's a great interview - and it's got shots of the fray party!


I've gotten a lot of questions about it, so here's the story: Robin Leach flipped me off!


Well, I'm back from NYC and sick as a dog. Bleah. I did find one thing to cheer me up: my SXSW interview was posted. Yay!


Yeehaw! {fray} is officially the Cool Site of the Year in the Design category. Thank you to everyone who voted! I now have a cute plastic trophy, two more days to trip around NYC, and the smug knowledge that I got Robin Leach to flip me off.


Boss! This here powazek.com is cool site of the day today.


I redesigned powazek.com! You like? If you're the resistant-to-change type, don't worry, the old one is still around.


A new San Francisco Story: Saving Gelatinous Spooge.


I made a quickie site for a friend today: www.centerforlife.org. If you're in the Bay Area and you need a good massage, check it out.


It's a big month for interviews. Check out my conversation with Joe Lambert at the Center for Digital Storytelling.


New in {fray}: I still can't believe it's 1999.


Some people just know how to ask the right questions - Jeffrey Zeldman is one of them, and his 15 Minutes project is just fantastic. So I was thrilled when he interviewed me for it.


Check out the new edition of Netscape Open Studio where I babble about not being able to predict the future of the web - and then do it anyway!


I put up a new story in San Francisco Stories tonight. Please don't hate me because I'm a cold-blooded killer.


New in Kvetch! It's that time again. The shopping. The relatives. The weather. It's ... the holidays! A very special kvetch topic, for December only! Plus, on Thursday, December 24 (aka Christmas Eve), we'll be kvetching up a storm all night long in a live kvetch chat! If the holiday blues have got you down, come by and tell us all about it.


Woo hoo! {fray} has been nominated for cool site of the year in the design category. Please take a moment and vote!


I updated my sites to honor day without art. I even contrubuted my own banner. If you run a website, you can get involved, too.


A new {fray} story! Check out the drive-by by Sarah Bruner.


This weekend I attended (and spoke at) webzine98, a party/conference to promote independent content on the web. It kicked ass. Wanna see? I even got interviewed about it.


I put up a new story in San Francisco Stories tonight. I never thought I'd say it, but thank goodness for street cleaning.


A new {fray} story! Check out interesting by Alexis Massie.


It was 1995 when I first saw a new website called word. It fundamentally changed the way I thought about the web, and it has influenced everything I've done here since. So it was an honor for me to design this week's featured article there, Memoirs of a Sword Swallower. Hope you like it.

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