December 28, 2002

Happy New Year!

I'm not sure if I will have access to a computer before the first, but if not, Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great evening~ be safe. I will be at my house, surrounded by friends, drinking margaritas and eating Mexican food! YUMMY. Talk to y'all in 2003!

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Saturday mornings at work

I just had a client call up at 7:15 screaming at me. Is that totally necessary on a Saturday morning? Especially it being the last weekend of 2002, the weekend between Christmas and New Year's, and before I've had my first cup of coffee. Jeesh.... Aren't people supposed to be kind and giving this time of year? Of course, this guy did a valid problem... but there is no reason to be screaming at me. I was trying to help him. Grrrrrr......

So, problem resolved. He sounded a bit more happy by the end of the half hour conversation. Whatever.... he still wants a call from the manager on Monday so he can bitch some more. I think sometimes clients call up to complain because they have no one else to talk to... no one else who will listen.

Anyhoo- I took the most kick ass Cardio class last night at the gym. This instructor was definitely on crack or something because she went nuts for the entire hour. It was so great... I kept thinking about all the crap I ate all week... brie and crackers, Yorkshire pudding, Gingerbread cake, homemade guacamole and chips, and plenty of alcohol. I super indulged this last week. So, back on my gym schedule I go. I must admit, I'm feeling a bit sore this morning.

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December 27, 2002

Yesh.... you are toigt like a toiger..

For those of you that have not seen Goldmember (Austin Powers 3) yet, GO rent it. Seriously, there is some funny shit! Jon got it for me for Hanukkah and we've seen it like 10 times already. I would agree that the second flick was not so great. Heather Graham was horrible.... and Beyonce isn't so wonderful in this movie either but the best part of it is the new character, Goldmember, played by Mike Myers of course. He is Dutch.... and he enters the movie rollerskating! So funny..... he had a smelting accident so his whole groin area is gold. It's always in a huge cup that protrudes from his body. He definitely has the funniest lines in the movie... Jon and I have been saying these lines all the time... cracking ourselves up.

"It'sh Aushtin Powerzse fashza."
"Yesh, you are toigt.... yesh... I can tell from your toigt pants."

If you get the DVD, you will be able to see all the deleted scenes too. Some of those are pretty hysterical.

Did you notice that Beyonce has only one earring on the entire movie? How strange is that?

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December 26, 2002

Talk to me!!

Look! I have comments! How cool is that?

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Quick week in review

Jon and I went to Jon and Laura's house on Saturday night. (Jon being my step-brother and Laura being his wife.) We met my Dad and Step-Mom there for a little Holiday get together. It was a total blast. Laura made the yummiest Lasagna and I made a Cookies and Cream Pie for dessert. Oh YEAH! We just hung out by the fire... opened some great gifts... and enjoyed each other's company.

From there, we drove down to Jon's parents house in San Diego. We were exhausted by the time we got there around 11:00 PM. We quickly loaded are stuff into the house, set up the bed, and crashed.

Sunday, we met some friends at Hennessey's (a bar in Carlsbad) to watch the Chargers get spanked! It was very sad... The food there was amazing though. I had this Scramble with eggs, potatoes, ranchero sauce, and veggies. The boys were drinking Bloody Marys while the girls were drinking coffee with Bailey's and Fuzzy Navels. We were all getting liquored up at 10:00 AM. It was pretty funny. Around noon, after we ate, the boys went outside to smoke cigars and sip on some B&B while the girls stayed insided to chat. There were four of us.... Rachel, who is engaged to Brad (Jon's best friend, Brad), Kari (who just got engaged to another friend of his, Jeff), Kim (who is singley single), and me. We exchaged hilarious stories about these boys and the ups and downs of our relationships. It was incredibly therapeutic.

From there, we headed to another bar where their good friend Dave works. Dave is the one who got married on the boat a few months ago. It was more of the same... drinking... playing Pac Man... and more girl talk while the guys talked about boy stuff. I cut way back on the drinking since I was driving.

And just when I thought we were done, we headed over to Dave and Rosey's to hang out some more eating and drinking. Dave and Rosey have the cutest little girl, Emery. I played with her all night... such a good girl... only nine months old! Right there and then, it made me want to have kids. I have known all along that I would have kids. Not any time soon, of course... but at some point.

We left Dave's around 10:00 PM. I was soooo pooped. It was a long day of eating, drinking, and socializing.

Monday, I did a bit of shopping by myself and then Jon's sister, Adrienne and I went to the mall to get our hair cut. A little over three hours later, we were beautified with highlights and new cuts. That evening, the whole family was out so Jon and I sat by the fire sipping B&B and reading.

Tuesday, we just chilled out.... made sandwiches for lunch... relaxed.... it was so nice. We met up with Jeff and Kari for dinner at Karl Strauss. Man, they have some great food. My meal was actually free because our waiter put in the wrong order so it came out late. I didn't care at all... I was just drinking my Fuzzy Navel and eating my salad... but whatever, if they wanted to give it to me for free, I wasn't going to object. Jon, Adrienne, and I went to Church that night for Midnight Mass. This was my fourth year going with his family. It has gotten a little less weird and uncomfortable every year. I know I am not forced to go.... I've always chosen to go. It is fun to watch his mom and dad in the choir too. It was a good time to take a moment to focus on thought and prayer, regardless of the surroundings being a Church or Temple.

Wednesday, I got up and ran around the neighborhood for a good 20 minutes. I was feeling so large from eating everything the past few days.... I've been going to the gym 4-5 days a week lately... and I haven't gone all week. My poor body. That morning we opened presents. I was so stoked. I got the first and second season of Buffy on DVD, the Beauty and the Beast DVD, AND the Felicity DVD's! I had a smile on my face all day! Jon's parents got us a knife set and a big set of wine glasses which was very nice. I can't wait to use them. That afternoon, my mom and Joel came over to have Christmas dinner with us. They came last year too and had a great time so they were invited back. A good time was had by all. My mom and Jon's mom have a lot in common. They immediately went into a different room to talk for an hour. It was pretty funny.

Jon and I drove back to Pasadena with all of our goodies last night. Somewhere around Orange County, we saw a shooting star. It was amazing! Absolutely took my breath away. It was a turqouise color and shot straight across the sky... almost in slow motion. I quickly made a wish...... I will let you know if it comes true!

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The missing posts...

Everyone has been asking why I haven't posted in ages. Well, the truth is that I have but Blogger wouldn't publish them to my site... so, here are the past posts.

December 21 9:46:14 AM
Happy Birthday to my new friend Keith. I am not sure when you will see this since my posts aren't showing up.... but I do hope you have an amazing day and have a blast tonight at the Paul Oakenfeld concert!

December 20 7:59:11 AM
I haven't posted anything in a while because for some reason, my blogs for December are not showing up. Derek said he's working on it. It's so frustrating to look at my site and see my last posting on November 27. That sucks..... ah well.. hopefully all will be resolved soon.

Jon and I saw Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, last night. It was SO AMAZING. I couldn't believe that it was three hours long. It totally kept my attention the entire time. Man, those actors are so talented..... and all of the environments are absolutely beautiful and striking. I thought they did an incredible job both behind the scenes and in the movie itself.

December 13 8:02:27 AM
(this was supposed to post yesterday but blogger was having some issues)

Yesterday, I took the day off of work and went to an audition. I know.... can you believe it? My friend Eli, wrote a show called I Sing. I saw it in New York and really liked it. We've been in touch since he's been in California and let me know that they were going to do the show in Santa Monica. I told him I'd like to audition. Next thing I know, I get a call from the casting agency on Tuesday asking me to come in tomorrow! I was like, holy shit. So, I prepared all night, one uptempo and one ballad, which is what they asked for. And, I took the whole day off so I could go to the gym in the morning and warm up before my call time, 1:15.

I got to the theatre, was totally confident about my songs and my outfit. They called me in shortly after 1:15... around 1:20. I chatted with all of them a little bit. It turns out the Casting director wrote the song "All the Good Men are Gay" from the Gay 90's, which I did years ago. So, that was a pretty cool connection to make. I sang my ballad, "I'm Not Afraid" from Songs for a New World. And, I really must say Thank You Tim! My voice teacher in New York. He worked that song into my voice for months in New York and it all was retained! I felt so good about it. I even recorded it. I had a little tape recorder in my bag. I always do that so I can listen to it afterwards and really listen to see how well I did. And I must say, after listening to the tape later in the car, I sounded GREAT! Acting wise, I think it went really well too. Jon really worked with me on the acting part of it.

So, they didn't ask to hear my uptempo..... nor did they ask me to stay. Hmmmm... not sure what they were thinking really. They were all smiles but you never know what that means... it could just be gas or something. When I was done singing, they were all kind of staring at me... so, I asked if they wanted to hear my uptempo? And they said, No, that they were good.... I picked up my shit and started walking to the door.

I heard "Jenn!" Eli whispered my name, I turned around and he gave me a thumbs up and said "That was awesome!". I said "thanks" and walked out the door.

I went home, feeling empty... unfulfilled... uncertain... fat..... ugly... all of the insecurities came back. It made me remember just how I felt in New York. I remember all those feelings of not knowing and emptiness. For so long, I thought it was just because Jon was so far away.... but after last night, I realized that it was all of the auditioning. It was putting myself out there and that moment of taking the stage... showing them what I was made of and how talented I was... and then not knowing ANYTHING. Leaving there feeling like a whore who just put out and then had to leave. Seriously. I felt so yucky.

I got home and quickly jumped out of my clothes that I had at one point felt confident and sexy in, put on my pajamas, and got in bed. After a half hour of sulking and thinking, I put on my work out clothes and headed back to the gym. I thought running another 2 1/2 miles might feel really good.... which it did.

When I got home, I put my pj's back on and waited for Jon to get home. I totally needed a hug. He got home shortly after I did and had stopped at Togo's and got me a turkey sandwich! YAY. I talked with him a while about it all. I really have nothing to be sad about. I have a good paying job... I don't need this show to pay my rent.... and I had hardly anything invested in this. I simply found out about it the night before and decided to go in.

So, today... washing the slate. Knowing in my heart that I did the best job I could do.... and as Bernadette Peters said in Sunday in the Park with George, "Just keep moving on!"

December 7 3:43:53 PM
Wow.... someone signed my guestbook, but didn't leave their name. I'm assuming it is someone I went to High School with because they spoke of this other girl we went to school with who was convicted of killing her husband, Kristin Rossum. I must have been sleeping under a rock when that first came out because I had NO idea about it. I took ballet class with Kristin in High School. I remember her being an incredible ballerina, very bright, and very quiet. I can't believe all of the stuff I am reading about the trial. So, does anyone know where she is now? I'm assuming she is in jail for a long time. What a shock!

Tonight- going to a Sales Holiday party tonight. Should be fun. Jon is in Sacramento this weekend visiting his best friend, so I've got the place to myself! ohhh-la-la. I just got two new books so I may curl up on the couch, read and relax this weekend. Sounds good to me!

December 1 8:48:42 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JENN!! Happy 23rd birthday. I hope this year is absolutely amazing for you! Thinking lots of good thoughts for you.

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New home

This year has definitely been a year of transition. I moved into a new position at work, Jon and I moved in together, and now... my site from the last two years is moving. For some reason, all of my latest posts weren't showing up. Derek decided to move me here. I'm looking at all of the things on the side bar and it looks a bit frightening... probably because it is all new. I'm sure I will get used to this new home just as I am adjusting to all of my other moves.

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