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Friday, December 22, 2000

Dinner last night with Derek at Buffalo Inn. We sat outside around the firepit, got a pitcher of beer and tuna melts, and talked for hours. It was thee best time. I am so glad my brother is home. Today, Derek, Dad, and I, are making potato latkes at my Dad's house!!
* 8:03 AM

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

HOME SWEET HOME.....nothing like leaving 30 degree weather and coming to 70 degree weather. My Dad picked me up last night around 11:30 at the airport. My flight was late about 45 minutes. It was a bumpy flight because of all the cold east coast winds, but I had a Buspar (anti-anxiety drug) and slept most of the time. I am sitting here at my mom's house, with the neurotic dog, Shayna, who is calmly chewing a bone at my feet, my laundry is spinning (how great is that) and watching cartoons. It can't get any better than this!

My Mom has the whole house decorated for Chanukkah! It's really cool. It reminds me of when I was a kid. She used to set all of the wrapped presents for Derek and I either out by the fireplace or in the spare room on that old crappy couch we used to have. She'd put them out at least a week ahead of time. That gave Derek and I enough time to go through each present and try to figure out what it was- shaking it, sniffing it, squeezing it or unwrapping it to see what it was, and then wrapping it back up. We always knew one of them would be socks and one would be underwear!! I am really looking forward to the holidays with my family.
* 8:13 AM

Monday, December 18, 2000

Rainy and cold weekend! I cannot WAIT to be in sunny California.

Tiffany and I went for coffee Saturday night and then she spent the night. We woke up to thunder and lightening Sunday morning. It was pouring down buckets of rain. We painted our toenails, drank coffee, watched cartoons, and stayed in our pajamas until 3:00 in the afternoon! Soooooooo relaxing! Last night, we met up with Colleen and Foote and went to Harry's Burritos for dinner! Yummy chips and salsa and Strawberry Margaritas!!

Before dinner, we stopped in Steve Madden and I FINALLY found a pair of high leather boots that fit over my big ole calves AND they were on sale!!! They are hot! I am wearing them right now with black tights and a long, tight black skirt with slits up both sides, and a wine-colored turtleneck sweater.

I usually just wear slacks and a sweater (boring) but sometimes I just feel the need to shake it up!!
* 10:35 AM

Friday, December 15, 2000

I have a wish list on amazon.com if anyone is searching for gift ideas!! Compliments of my big brother, here is the web address you can just click on:

Buy me stuff!

It's just a list of books, cd's, and videos that I've wanted. My brother posted one and I think it is helpful. I couldn't add two items because they were out of stock but I also am wishing for the Harry Potter trivia game and the Harry Potter board game! They look so cool. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
* 8:28 AM

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Still at work......still haven't heard anything from Craig Carnelia..........still really really cold out........ still haven't bought all of my Christmas/Chanukkah gifts for people........still can't wait to go home to LA on Tuesday!!!
* 3:14 PM

busy, busy, busy!!

Back from Boston- Jon's show was great. He really is a great director. I am very proud of him.

FELICITY tonight at 9:00!!! and Dawson's Crack is on at 8:00.
* 3:09 PM

Friday, December 08, 2000

Did I mention it snowed today? Just a little......
* 12:44 PM

Addition to the Elevator Etiquette list from 11/28 :

6. While waiting for the elevator, you don't need to press the up/down button if it is already been pushed and thusly is lit up. Chances are, if you saw someone press it 5 seconds earlier, that should be sufficient, DAYENU. On the same note, pushing it more times than just once is a waste of your time, a waste of energy, and annoying to those standing around you!
* 11:55 AM

Not feeling well today.......very congested.....sinus pressure.....headache....plus, the woman that I work with is not here today so it's all me!!! It has been such a crazy day. The only reason I even have time to write is because my boss is in a meeting for the next 15 minutes. Then it is back to the craziness! Who knows when I will be done tonight. It may be another 10 hour day....
* 11:47 AM

Thursday, December 07, 2000

going home......very tired......have to be at work early tomorrow......must sleep.......
* 2:13 PM

Did I happen to mention that my clock was set for 7:30 this morning and I just automatically woke up at 7:23?? My two luck numbers!!! hmmmmm......must be an omen.
* 11:38 AM

So, I had my big audition today with Craig Carnelia. It was awesome! He was a very nice, well-spoken man. He made me feel very comfortable. We chatted a bunch- he gave me some really incredible feedback. My two songs I sang were flawless. Yes, I am tooting my own horn.....it's because the last two days, I've been getting sick and totally congested. This morning when I woke up, my ears were plugged, my nose was plugged, and my head was plugged. Everything was foggy. Even when I went over my songs a billion times, they sounded crappy, airy, and unstable. I was so near a breakdown. But, something just clicked when I walked into that studio this morning. Everything suddenly cleared up! Plus, the acoustics in there were great. And, I remembered all of my words and was totally connected to both of the songs!

He told me my songs and my voice were VERY good, very impressive. He said "I don't know why you aren't working!" "You are really very talented." "I would love to work with you." He said lots of other good stuff too! So, he is going to call sometime next week and let me know if there is room for me in the class. He said it isn't a matter of talent because he thinks I am incredibly talented, it is a matter of space available. He always invites his students to return or continue with class once they're in the program. The cool thing is he said he'd call either way. Usually directors only call if they're casting you, they don't call just to say you didn't get it!!

I even got an email from Sandy, my producer in LA who said she called Craig and he raved about me and said he can't believe I haven't booked anything in New York yet! HE TOLD HER THAT!!! :) Oh happy day!
* 11:27 AM

Tuesday, December 05, 2000

i found my first grey hair today.............
* 1:10 PM

Last night I came home to a wrapped gift on my doorstep.....hmmmm.....my birthday was in October, so, it's not a birthday present.....let's see......it's from Shane in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Excellent.

Brief story.... Shane is my Step-mom's, brother's, daughter. Essentially, my step-cousin. We met at my step-brother, Jon's wedding in September. Believe me when I say, this girl is sooooo cool! My dad says we are "kindred spirits". I think that is true! She is funny and outgoing and crazy and just an all around sweet girl. Ever since then, we've become cyber-chat buddies. We exchange emails a couple of times a day.

Anyhoo- so, she knew I liked the Powerpuff Girls, eventhough she didn't even know who they were! :) (Now we're back to the gift on my doorstep)...... She sent me a Powerpuff Girls lunch pail with grape candies inside!!! How cool is that? No special occassion, she just saw it and thought of me.

Here's to the coolest step-cousin!! She totally made my day. I can't wait for her to come to New York to visit. That will be a blast!
* 11:42 AM

I didn't kill myself at the gym last night. I actually was planning on taking two classes but the subway was all screwed up. The express train uptown was running once every 20 minutes so it was totally packed. I ended up getting back on the local train and taking it all the way from downtown to 72nd Street. That's where the local train decided to go express. Unfortunately, I needed to get off at 79th Street, which would've been the next stop, if it wasn't now an express train!!! Ugh... so, I got off and just walked the 8 blocks up to 80th Street. By the time I got there, I had missed the abs class. Total bummer! I still took the pilates class and then did a half hour of cardio on the eliptical machine! Good stuff- I opted not to take the steps class this week. Instead, I went home, picked up my laundry from the laundromat, opened up a can of tuna, mixed it with some peas, ate, showered, and went to sleep.
* 11:29 AM

Monday, December 04, 2000

long day.............off to the gym.
* 2:14 PM