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Friday, November 30, 2001

SO busy at work today. I escaped for lunch though.....got sushi with Nicole. That was fun. They have the cheapest and best sushi at Sushi A-Float.
* 4:52 PM

Today rocks....not only is it Friday....but it isn't raining, the sun is out, and it's PAYDAY!! Rock on.....
* 12:00 PM

Thank you to Sarah for the GAP commercial info. The woman with Sheryl Crow is India Arie. I really like her cd. She's got a very unique sound. Anyone know who the guys are in the GAP commercials?
* 11:58 AM

My massage last night was AMAZING! I am planning on going back at least once a month from now on. It is definitely affordable......only $39 for an hour massage. Not bad, huh? Oh, and she doesn't pay Enya, Yanni, and tinkle bird chirping- water flowing music like most massage places. She had Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and Sarah McLauchlin on her shelf. She played the new Travis while she was working on me. That happens to be one of my favorite cd's right now. Track number five is the best.... so happy and upbeat!

Does anyone know who the female artists are on the new GAP commercials? I know Sheryl Crow is one. Who are the other women?
* 8:19 AM

Thursday, November 29, 2001

I'll send ten bucks to anyone who can figure out when my episode of Taina will be on Nickelodeon. I've looked at the Website and it isn't showing anything. The episode has young rock star Brooke Allison on it.....the plot is they are doing a talent show at school and Brooke Allison shows up and sings the song Taina was going to sing and gets the featured spot. I know......it's pretty deep.....kind of hard to grasp. But, I really want to know when it will be on. Anyone want 10 bucks to figure it out for me?
* 4:33 PM

Erin got me a 60 minute massage at this Spa in Sherman Oaks for my birthday. Guess what I am doing tonight? Yep, Victoria will be giving me a rubdown at 8:00 this evening and I cannot wait!
* 4:28 PM

Lunch on the house today at Overture.com. Did I happen to mention how much I love my job?
* 12:42 PM

Straight from Broadwaystars.com, Molly Ringwald is now playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret on Broadway. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do casting directors have their heads so far up their asses that they are putting TV stars in leading roles that they are SO NOT RIGHT FOR? Geesh...I have so many people that I personally know that could play Sally Bowles. The sad thing is that those amazingly talented peole will never get that opportunity (myself included) because casting directors won't put new names as leads. It's just so sad. Anyone seen Molly in Cabaret? Give me the scoop!
* 12:41 PM

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

I've been put on the phone team now at work. No more hiding behind my e-mails. I have to talk directly to angry clients. Grrrrrrrr....... I have done pretty well though, thank goodness. I only had one screaming client. Just trying to stay calm....

I can't wait for Dawson's and Felicity tonight. Before that, I am working out.....man, have I gained weight since I've been home. Remember when I was in New York I was complaining that none of my clothes fit and I had to buy size 2 pants. HA! That's funny now.....too bad those pants don't fit anymore. Back to the gym and protein bars!

Hey- at least I am happy. That's a good thing!
* 5:20 PM

You know how my lucky numbers are 23 and 7? Well, I just got my parking pass for work for December.....and the number on it is 237. Can you believe that? December should be an amazing month!!
* 4:55 PM

Spinner.com is the bomb! They have a Showtunes station that I listen to ALL day. They play everything from Urinetown to Godspell as well as live recordings! I am totally loving it. I also have my favorite 10 stations programmed, and it will tell you what is playing on those stations while you are listening to something else! I have Laugh Trax..which is funny shit like Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, etc., 1-Hit Wonders, Reggae Roots, Female Focus, and a bunch of other stuff. GO download it today!!
* 9:32 AM

I have been listening to KFI AM 640 lately.....talk radio. The Phil Hendrie show is outrageous. It's one of those shows where they talk about political issues and stuff but Phil says some of the loudest, crudest, funniest things! Some of it is so bluntly ridiculous, it makes me laugh. Yesterday they were talking about the crazy people in the news lately. My favorite was about Melissa Drexler.....the girl who was pregnant and supposedly no one knew about it.....then gave birth at her Senior Prom and proceeded to kill her baby and then return to the dance floor. Bizarre- so, she was released from prison after serving 3 years out of her 15 year sentence. You have to wonder what kind of person would do something desperate like that.....what her family is like that made her hide it from them.....what her boyfriend was like to make her hide it from him.....and how stupid he must be not to notice his girlfriend was pregnant. I'm sorry but most guys are pretty aware of what changes their girlfriend's bodies are going through. Something doesn't seem to fit with her story. And now, she is released from prison and going to live with her parents. Man, may I suggest therapy for the whole family?
* 8:39 AM

Monday, November 26, 2001

I SUCK.....man, I haven't written in forever. Work has been so busy....plus, I went home to visit the parentals for Thanksgiving. Yes, I was near a computer.....but, I just didn't feel like writing I guess.

My week was great though.....I haven't been able to write about my piercing I got because I didn't want my parents to hear about it before they saw it. I got my belly button pierced two weeks ago, when Jenn was here. It is very cute. YES, it hurt....no, it doesn't hurt much anymore.....it's just a little sensitive. I've had an adventurous hat on this past month. I even dyed my hair....just put a reddish rinse in it. I like it a bunch.

Thanksgiving went well. My poor brother was sick so we didn't get to hang out all that much. The food was yummy. I made a dessert that I got out of a Sunset magazine. It was amazing....pears and cranberries and this sauce that had cinnamon, cloves, sugar, and RUM. It was baked and poured over fat free Vanilla frozen yogurt. I must boast for a moment....it was frickin good! I have never been the biggest cook.....but I was really proud at how yummy it came out!
* 12:22 PM

Monday, November 19, 2001

Did I happen to mention that I had an amazing weekend with Jon? *smile*
* 9:25 AM

This weekend, I saw Harry Potter!! Friday night I got to Jon's and we saw a 10:40 pm movie. I was so surprised at how few people there were there. The movie before us was full but there were only about 20 people at my showing! Which was fine with me....I'd much rather have fewer people than a bunch of little kids screaming and talking through the whole thing. Anyhoo- it was AMAZING. I really loved it. I thought the casting was perfect.....the direction was to the T.....the filming was incredible (especially the Quiditch match)......all of the scenes in the Hogwarts Hall were so cool......the sorting hat talking was a huge surprise....and the acting was great. All in all, I gave it a 10. True, the director didn't take many risks with the film, but I'm glad he didn't. I was hoping that it would be really similar to the book. Maybe in the next film, he'll take some different approaches, but for the first Harry Potter film, I was VERY happy. I think I'll even try to see it again on the big screen. When does the next film come out? Anyone know? Is it going to be next year, same time?
* 8:38 AM

GREAT NEWS..... TALI PASSED THE BAR! I am absolutely ecstatic for her. She called me on my cell phone Friday night as I was driving down to Oceanside. I saw her name appear on the caller id, took a deep breath of hope, and then answered the phone.


hi, it's Tali.

hi Tali......everything ok?

....you are totally talking to an attorney right now....

*scream*...... oh my gosh ......*scream*...... you passed the bar.....*scream* ..... *scream* ...... *scream*!!!!!!!

That's pretty much how the conversation went. Followed by many tears and congratulations. I have to say, I am SO incredibly proud of her!

Congratulations, Tali. YOU ROCK!!
* 8:31 AM

Friday, November 16, 2001

Everyone think GOOD thoughts for Tali. She is getting her bar results tonight on the internet at 6:00. I am so nervous for her!! Poor thing.....she's a nervous wreck! Keep the good vibes flowin...

I had lunch today with Barb, my step-mom. She was in the area so we planned a lunch date. I took her to the same sushi place I took my dad...yummy! It was really nice to sit down and talk to her one on one. And, free sushi is always greatly appreciated! Thanks Barb!

I took my final today from my training classes. I PASSED with a 90%. Pretty happy about that. Also happy about the fact that it is Friday and my supervisor just brought in a 24 pack of Bud Light!! Not a bad way to end a really long week.
* 3:31 PM

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

did I mention I cannot WAIT for Friday.....Harry Potter is going to be amazing!
* 10:30 AM

in training.....all week....so busy.....will write more later.
* 10:10 AM

Friday, November 09, 2001

My Zen card of the day is JOY.

Joy is INSIDE you. Not in attainment of things desired. Nor in the achievement of goals made. But in the simple feeling that lies within you. Know that this JOY is unaffected by outer circumstance, and joy will be yours forever.

so true, so true........
* 5:25 PM

Thursday, November 08, 2001

I've been so busy....haven't really had a chance to write a lot. Plus, my friend Jenn is in town this week from Spokane. Very excited. And, my last show of Fascinatin Rhythmz is this weekend.....yahoo! I'm looking forward ot that. It's just been a lot of stress. Ok, back to work I go.....
* 2:24 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEREK! (my friend, Derek....not my brother, Derek!) I miss you! I wish you were here. I hope you have an amazing day. I love you more than my farts! (inside joke!)
* 2:21 PM

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Buffy, the musical ROCKED! Oh my lord....it was absolutely amazing. I taped it.....I think I'm gonna go watch it again.
* 9:57 PM

Monday, November 05, 2001

* 5:22 PM

Finally, a pic of me as Little Red Riding Hood! It's under Halloween pics.....Big Smile.
* 12:11 PM

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Pretty uneventful night....no trick-or-treaters. Hmmmm....we were kinda bummed about that. We even bought some extra candy for the little ones. But we had NONE! How sad..... My dad said he had ONE trick-or-treater. Were most people at home for the evening?

I picked up some sushi for Erin and I, watched Dawson's Creek and Felicity, and then hit the sack. I was pooped. On Dawson's Creek last night, his dad was in a car accident and died. Erin and I sat there bawling through the entire episode. Death is so weird. It prompted a dialogue about our Grandpa that we both miss so much. We sat outside, lit some candles, and told stories about Grandpa.....

how .....

.....he never wanted us to sit in the spa without putting the Chemicals in first and without the bubbles on.....
.....is face lit up when we walked in.....
.....we always saw him sitting outside, watering the plants.....
.....he wore paper thin shirts from 50 years ago that were buttoned up wrong or missing some buttons....
.....he always said "shayna cup".....
.....he always asked us to remember him and say Kaddish for him.....

We had a good cry, and some good laughs.....gave eachother some back rubs....and then went to bed.
* 11:29 AM