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Sunday, September 30, 2001

* 11:17 AM

Saturday, September 29, 2001

Today has been a totally bizarre day. First of all, I had crazy dreams last night. One of them involved two guys that I had met from the Broadway Rent cast. We were chatting about stuff in some classroom type atmosphere and then I got really mad at them. We were yelling at eachother and then I stormed out of the room. The next thing I know, I'm walking down the hallway with some guy singing Take Me or Leave Me, from the show. It was so weird.

So, I wake up this morning and turn on Regis and Kelly.....the first thing they say is "Today we are welcoming the Broadway cast of Rent to sing Seasons of Love." I about shit my pants. There they were.....on TV! Was it a preminition? Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo.

The second bizarre/KEWL thing that happened today...... I got an email from James Marino, from Broadwaystars.com, which happens to be one of my FAVORITE sites. I visit everyday and see what is going on in the theatre world. I think it is thee best site for both information and direction to other sites. Anyhoo, he put my site under the "KEWL" listings. How cool is that? I am so honored. Thanks James!

Also, had my second interview for Goto.com today. It went incredibly well. The atmosphere at that place is so cool! Everyone is young and hip and creative......I really hope I can work there. Supposedly, I should know something by Monday. Everything happens for a reason right? This just seems like the next logical step.

Then, after my interview, I went straight to my rehearsal. It went ok. Kind of frustrating. We got another script today. Grrrrrr....not a whole lot of changes....just a NEW SONG for me in the second act! Geesh. At least it is a song I already know.....it's just sung to a 5 foot 10 dummy! For real! And I have to dance with him. He is attached to my feet with elastic. It is pretty funny but incredibly difficult to manage. Our second performance of Fascinatin Rhythmz will be on Saturday the sixth in Lancaster. It should definitely be interesting. We have TWO rehearsals between now and then.

Oh, by the way, a week from Sunday is my birthday! Yep, the seventh....I will be 26 years old. I think I'm going to have a party here at my apartment. It will be a birthday/housewarming/I'm so thankful I wasn't still working in the World Trade Center three weeks ago Party! Yahoooo......and yes, I do have a wish list at Amazon.com. *smile*

That's all for now......no plans for tomorrow as of yet.....just have to drop some sheet music off at the recording studio and pick up my rehearsal check for Fascinatin Rhythmz!
* 12:35 AM

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Happy Yom Kippur. Happy fasting.......yuck! I hate fasting. So far so good though. Erin and I went to the beach tonight. We sat on a blanket....looked at the ocean....and talked about life. It was so wonderful. Just what I needed. I should go to bed soon though before I get too hungry.

Second interview with Goto.com on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed.......I really would like to get this job. It seems really perfect for me. My interview on Friday is with the main manager. *smile* We'll see.....
* 11:26 PM

Monday, September 24, 2001

Sick today.....won't go into many details....let me just say I spent most of the day either in bed or in the bathroom! Yuck.....the stomach flu is NOT fun!

Tomorrow....an interview with Goto.com. I hope I am well enough to go. It sounds like it may be a great opportunity. We'll see.....off to bed.
* 11:28 PM

Friday, September 21, 2001

So tired....going to sleep. I had to be on the set this morning at 7:30 dressed and ready. We filmed from then until 6:00. They used me in almost every scene so I barely had time to pee let alone sit down at all! It was such a good experience and lots of fun. But I am exhausted....in fact my throat is a little itchy and my chest is kind of tight. That would be just like me.....to break down after a hellish couple of weeks. I loaded up tonight on Echinacea and vitamins. Hopefully that will help.

Tomorrow, I am off to Claremont to hang with the folks for the day. I haven't seen them in a long time....plus, it's good to get together with the fam after the week we've all had. The one thing I am looking forward to is sleeping in tomorrow morning! The last two days I've been up at 5:30! YUCK.

Have you ever checked out classmates.com? I registered there a couple of years ago and left my email address available. That way, people you went to school with can look up your name and see what you've been up to. I got an email last week from my 5th grade boyfriend, Steven Lawrence. He read that I was working at the World Trade Center and wanted to make sure I was ok. Sometimes I am just in awe at how cool the internet is. He lives in Idaho with his WIFE and 17 month old SON! That is just amazing. We've been sending emails back and forth....catching up. We may even see eachother in the coming months. That would be so wonderful! What a trip, huh?

Watched the two hour special tonight. Not much to say about it. Some things were very touching.....Julia Roberts' speech.....Paul Simon....Billy Joel.....Stevie Wonder. I don't know.....I hope they raised a lot of money. That is what's really important. I'm glad to see them showing support for our country. I'm terrified at what's going to happen next. I just pray we will all be ok.
* 11:33 PM

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Busy busy week.... Tuesday, I was so depressed...barely got out of bed. Then, my friend Erin Higgins called me (thank goodness). She got me out of bed and took me out to dinner. How nice is that? She is my longest friend. We were best friends way back in 1st grade! She moved to Ecuador after fifth grade because her parents were Missionaries. But, we always kept in touch and kept a strong relationship. It is so cool! Anyhoo, we went to K-mart and got stuff to put up my curtains in my room. They look really great. We were just sitting downstairs, chatting, when she told me about this agency she joined to get extra work on tv shows and movies. I thought hmmmm.. that sounds cool....especially because I have no job right now.

So, she gave me all of the info and told me what I needed to do. On Wednesday morning, I went down to Central Casting, filled out some forms, took a digital picture, and left with a packet of what the company was all about. Basically what happens is, they give you a phone number to call. Everyday, you call and listen to the recording. They'll say, for instance..... "Ladies, we need young looking girls 18-25, under 5'5", with dance clothes for Just Shoot Me. Call the following number if you fit that description." Or something like that. It's a long recording with a bunch of things they're looking for....older woman, pretty blondes, fat woman, etc... They give you all of the specifics and then if you fit them, you call the directors...they pull up your file with your picture in the computer and tell you if they want you or not.

So, Wednesday afternoon, I called the machine and found they were looking for young, high school looking girls, funky style with dance clothes. I was like....HELLO!! I called and called the number and it was busy....busy....still busy. Finally, I got through. She asked for my social security number and pulled up my file.

Oh, she said, we already have enough Caucasian girls.

Oh bummer, I said, I have dance clothes and everything!

You do? What kinds??

Well, I have leotards, tights, shoes, leg warmers, work-out pants, skirts.....you name it!

Hmmmm....ok, I am going to switch some people around. Ok, you got the job. It's for a new show on Nickelodeon called Taina (pronounced Ty-ina). It takes place at a performing arts high school in New York. You need to be at Nickelodeon Sunset Studios tomorrow at 8:30. It's a two day shoot. Bring 4-5 different funky student outfits plus all of your dance clothes.

HOLY SHIT...... No, I didn't say that, but I thought it! I was so excited. I could not sleep all night!

I was there at 8:00 this morning...and just got home at 9:00 tonight. It was a really long day. And I have to be back there tomorrow morning, on the set and ready to go at 7:30. Geesh. How fun though. Just to know I am making money and meeting important people is so exciting. Plus, now I have a tv show on my resume! I am in a bunch of scenes too....they used me all day! I will let you know when the episode is going to air. They are supposed to tell us tomorrow. We have a live audience tomorrow too! Yahhoooooo!

Gotta get some sleep tonight. Off to bed I go......
* 9:28 PM

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

La Shana Tova.....Happy Rosh Hashannah.....Happy New Year.....may this next year bring us peace, good health, happiness, and laughter. Amen.

The show went......ok.. I was pretty happy about my performance on Saturday. We actually had around 700 people there! They seemed to enjoy the show. There were a couple mistakes with cues and lights....but I remembered all of my lines...felt good about my two solo songs....and danced my heart out. Oh, I also made all 6 of my quick changes. Thank goodness. Murphy, the other woman in the show, didn't make her last change for the finale and came out with her shirt unbuttoned and her bra and cleavage showing! It was pretty funny. But otherwise, I think the show went pretty well.....especially for not having even teched the 2nd act! I was exhausted.

But, after the show....after our bows...we asked the audience to stand and sing God Bless America with us. It was pretty powerful. It felt really good to close the show that way.

I drove down to San Diego that night and stayed with Jon. I hadn't seen him since the World Trade Center crisis and really felt like I needed to see him and hug him. As soon as I got there, we just held each other and cried. He could have been on that plane from Boston to LA and I could have been at the Trade Center. So scary.

Sunday, Erin and I picked up a fridge at our Uncle's house. They had an extra one and said we could have it as long as we came to pick it up. Finally we found a friend of Erin's with a truck to help us. What a pain in the ass that was. We had to take the doors off of the fridge to fit it in the door way. UGH! Thank you mucho to Josh and Chris. Without you guys, we wouldn't have been able to do it. And thank you Uncle Harry for giving us that fridge! You guys rock!

Erin and I went to Costco and got a butt load of food.....so stoked! We had some apples and honey....symbolic of the sweetness of life....and I made my famous Matzah Ball Soup. YUMMY!!

More tomorrow...must sleep. Still thinking good thoughts for all of you in New York!
* 12:32 AM

Thursday, September 13, 2001

It's been such a wild couple of days. Grief is such a bizarre phenomenon. I'm functioning ok one minute and then in tears the next. It kind of comes out of nowhere. The weirdest thing is we are still rehearsig for this show and supposedly opening on Saturday. It is so hard to focus on anything.....let alone remembering lines, steps, and putting on a happy face. The whole cast is a mess.....people breaking down left and right. There are only four of us in the show and one of the guys hurt his back and is now out of the show. So, with two days before the show, we are teaching a new guy everything. It seems almost impossible. I'm just so tired. We don't have all of our shoes, costumes, sets.....ugh.....it all seems so trivial in comparison to what is going on around us.

I mean, really, who wants to go see live theatre right now? Especially a show that takes place in New York? I have no idea if people are even going to show up. It is a 1200 seat house. We've been trying to convince the owners of the theatre that people are mourning....it's time to be with your families....not go to the theatre to be surrounded by 1200 other people that you don't know....skeptical about all of them and what kind of weapons they could be hiding.

Plus, Murphy, the other woman in the cast, just found out one of her close family friends was on the 82nd floor of the South Tower and didn't make it. She was a mess today. How do we go on with the show? She compared it to Bob Hope....always going to entertain the troops. Somehow it just doesn't seem the same..... doesn't seem right to do the show. Not to mention the fact that we are totally unprepared...not ready at all. *sigh*

I am so impressed by all of the rescue teams in New York. They are fierce. If I were in New York still, I would be making huge pots of Matzah Ball Soup and bringing it to them. They are working so hard......such Heros! I applaud all of them......they really are angels.

Hanging in......hope you all are too.
* 11:20 PM

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

I finally got a hold of Annette's husband this afternoon. He told me that Annette and all the folks I used to work with got out safely right after the second plane hit. They were unable to get home to their families....they had to stay in midtown....they were very shaken...and will be for a long while. But, they are alive and are home tonight, hugging their loved ones. Most of them have worked at Merrill for years....ten, fifteen years. That building no longer exists.....just dust. So sad.... but thank G-d they are ok.

I also received emails from all of my friends in the city. They are safe. Again, they are emotionally a mess, as we are, but are physically ok. I want to hug all of them.

I am just disgusted by everything that is going on. I am scared for the United States. I am fearful of what's to come next. My cousin, Erin and I are holding tight....staying close....and hugging eachother. I think we may sleep in the same bed tonight....just to feel safe. Right now, we are making comfort food....Mac-N-Cheese. I am sick to my stomach but know that I need to eat something.

I still had rehearsals for my show tonight......couldn't focus. Can't even contemplate opening this show on Saturday. There's been talk of them cancelling it since everything else in LA is cancelled this week. I am hoping they do.....I just feel numb.....cry every couple of hours....can't really put on my happy face and sing and dance. It is a time for grieving....mourning.....prayer.

Thank you for your emails. I hope you are all doing ok. I'm completely a mess....stunned....shocked...sad.
* 12:16 AM

Tuesday, September 11, 2001


I just can't believe what is going on. My first thought was.....holy shit, that is exactly where I used to work. If this happened two months ago, I would have been at work, on the 12th floor in the North Tower. My second thought is....I hope everyone is ok. I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone I worked with at Merrill Lynch. I am terribly worried and upset. I hope all of you in New York are doing ok. Please, if you can, go give blood. They are in dire need.

Be safe......hug your loved ones.....and please..... pray.
* 11:45 AM

Saturday, September 08, 2001

My interview with David went extremely well.....thank goodness. I felt really good about every answer I gave... and I stayed calm and didn't get nervous! From what I understand, he is out of town all next week and then will be calling people for a second interview sometime that following week. I would be surprised if I don't get a call from him. It went that well! But, more waiting.....

My audition for Happy Days with director Garry Marshall went well too. He was funny. He just kind of sat back with his hand on his chin and watched me carefully......said nothing when I walked in. After I finished singing, he said "Very nice.".......then he looked at the rest of the creative team sitting at the table, nodded his head, and said, "Very nice." ......and then he looked back at me and said, "Very nice!". So, I said thank you, with a big smile, and headed for the door. As I was leaving, I heard him say, "Very nice", one last time. I have NO idea what all of it means.....but either way, I got 4 Very Nice's out of Garry Marshall! Pretty cool......

Erin moved in!! I am glad she's here. The apartment is starting to look really nice. She brought almost all of the stuff for the downstairs area. Plus, she brought fun stuff like a fooz ball table.....that can turn into a small pool table or a pingpong table! It rocks. I am really happy with the way it is all turning out.

My Dad came out today after my rehearsal and took me out to lunch. It was very nice.....I haven't seen him in a while....plus, it was his first time seeing the new apartment. We went to a great restaurant right up the street. Yummmmmmmy.......Mediterranean salad. I'm glad we got to spend some time together. Then, my friend Beaver (Dave) came over. We haven't seen eachother for over a year. We hung out at El Torrito.....had a few too many margaritas....and then came home and sang some songs together on my big ole keyboard! Beav and I went to school together at UCI and then did Seven Brides for Seven Brothers together at the Lawerence Welk Theatre in San Diego. So much fun..... it was good to see him again.

Tonight, Erin and all of her friends who are here from Arizona (helped her move) are out hitting Sunset strip. I am pooped....hanging at the pad. Plus, I have to record some vocals for my show tomorrow at 10:00..... I need some good sleep tonight.

Tomorrow, FRAYDAY LA!! Will you be there? I think I am going to drag Erin with me. Come say hello to us. I'm the short one who looks like Derek.....and she's the short red head who looks like me! *smile* See you there!
* 11:26 PM

Thursday, September 06, 2001

So nervous..... I have my interview with David of GlaxoSmithKline tomorrow morning. I've been online for the past hour, researching the company and what their mission is and what products they represent. I figure it would be good to be knowledgeable of all of that stuff. My callback for Happy Days is at 4:00.....I'm not even worried about that. Think good thoughts tomorrow....I'll let you know how it all goes.....

Erin moves in tomorrow! Yippppeeee....
* 11:09 PM

By the way.....did any of you see the Barbara Walters Special last night with Anne Heche? Oh my goodness, she is a MESS! That girl truly has some big time issues......she has every problem in the book! Alien abductions? I knew she was on ecstasy.....when she showed up in Fresno. She said a voice told her in order for her to board the spaceship, she had to take some ecstasy.....right! And now, she's married, to a man, and pregnant.....good grief. Her poor child!
* 1:41 PM

Just got back from my Sunset Station Casinos audition. It was fine.....kind of odd. They are doing a spoof on Sex in the City....so, not only did they want you to dress like they do on the show, they wanted you to almost try and copy one of the girls....both dress and attitude. Well, if I had known that, I would've worn Becky. Becky is my long brown hair fall (wig). I got it when I was auditioning for Les Miz. It made me look much younger.... different....very youthful.....very Charlotte'esque. Oh well.....they were very nice.

But, the most exciting news, is ........when I was on my way to the audition.....I got a call on my cell phone from Bruce Newburg casting....the Happy Days people. I got another callback for TOMORROW...for the role of JONI!!!! You know, the little sister. How about that? I originally got called back for one of the Pinkettes, and now I am called back for a LEAD!! Wooohooo.....very excited about that.

Off to eat my Spaghetti-O's. *hee hee hee*
* 1:00 PM

Everything went well yesterday......the callback, the Rolling Rock commercial audition, and the rehearsal. For the commercial, I had to pretend I was playing pool and flirting with this guy who was drinking a Rolling Rock beer.....it was pretty funny. Then, for Happy Days, I sang my song.....the same one I sang at the original audition. I felt really good about it. They seemed pretty interested....asked me a few questions....made some jokes....and that was it. The best part about the audition was, I ran into my ex-boyfriend from like 6 year ago, Jeffrey. He was auditioning too. We sat and chatted for a while. This was the same guy that happened to be on the flight from New York to California with me and Jon. What a small world. Then, I ran into one of Jon's ex-girlfriends, Nikki. Man, the theatre world is so funny. Once you've been in it for a certain amount of time, everybody knows you, has worked with you or someone you either know, dated/slept with, or have heard some crazy story about. Did that make sense? Basically your business/life is now public domain. What a trip.

So, last night, when I got home, I was pooped. I don't know what my problem was though.....I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight! Grrrrrrr....

This morning, I ran down to Bob the Printers and got more copies of my resume......now, I'm doing a quick work out and then I've got another commercial audition. Today, it is for Sunset Casinos in Las Vegas. I'm supposed to go dressed Sex in the City'esque. Right.....I have nothing to wear like that. They said "not slutty but sexy in that sort of style." I really have no idea.....I only saw the show once or twice.....and all I remember is Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing close to nothing with her long legs! What to do....what to do. I went through all of my clothes in my closet and of course, now half of my wardrobe is spread out all over my floor and bed. I think I'm going to end up just wearing a skirt and a revealing tank top. That'll have to do.

Gotta finish warming up.....
* 10:17 AM

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Are you going to Fray Day 5? Anyone going to be at the one in Los Angeles? I think I am going to be able to go.....as long as rehearsal doesn't go on all night! Yippppeee! I am so excited. This will be my first Fray Day. I haven't been to one before. Email me if you are going to be there! I will keep my eyes open for you! *smile*
* 10:24 AM

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Ok, you are not going to believe this.....but, I was at rehearsal tonight, and my cell phone rang. It was my commercial agent. I have an audition TOMORROW for a Rolling Rock beer commercial! How funny is that? I don't even look old enough to drink in real life.....I always get carded! Oh well, it'll be fun just to audition. It looks like tomorrow is going to be a pretty crazy day. Rolling Rock at 2:15, Happy Days at 3:45, and rehearsal from 5-8:30! Geesh.....I better get to bed.

Please send good vibes tomorrow! Thanks.....*smile*
* 11:42 PM

Off to rehearsal.....I'm at my house in North Hollywood.....I reinstated my aol account.....ggrrrrrr... I didn't want to do that but I was having serious internet withdrawls. I hate not being able to check my email and update my page everyday.

So.....check this out. I never heard from Merrill Lynch....fuckers. But, I got a callback today for Happy Days! Remember I auditioned for that over a month ago? Crazy....so, that is tomorrow...for the producers and everything. Then, I finally talked to David from GlaxxoSmithKline. We set up an interview for Friday. Do you think I actually may get a frickin job this week? Geesh.....keep your positive vibes flowing this way, please!

off to rehearsal.....

* 4:46 PM

Monday, September 03, 2001


Quick update. My computer is STILL not working. Soooooo frustrating. I hate not being able to be in touch with all of my internet friends. When I was at Merrill in New York, it was so convenient. Grrrr..... I am using Jon's computer at the moment. My apartment is coming together nicely. Most of the stuff has been fixed.....hallelujah! Erin is moving in on Friday! *smile*

Rehearsals are going well......we are supposed to have a preview performance on the eighth, which would be next Saturday, but that isn't going to happen. We just got the script on Saturday.....and we only have three numbers finished.....and we don't have any costumes yet. So, I think our first performance is going to be on the 15th. That gives us a little bit more time.

Haven't been doing much this Labor day weekend. We watched some tennis.....and read our books.....totally lazy day. That is really what I've needed though. Things have been so hectic....it's kind of nice to just chill out with the puppies and read.

My interview at Merrill Lynch went really well. It was on Monday.....I followed up with a phone call on Thursday. The woman said that my possible boss had just finished up all of her interviews and hopefully would make a decision by the end of the week. Well, either she made a decision and it wasn't me......or she hasn't made a decision yet. I'm hoping for the latter. I REALLY would like to get this job. It is AMAZING money, lots of benefits, and very cool people. Man! I will call them on Wednesday if I don't hear anything tomorrow. Grrrrr! I also got a call from David Adler, the District Manager of GlaxoSmithKline.....one of thee biggest drug rep companies. I submitted my resume to him a month ago for an interview. I heard from a woman that works there, that they were hiring someone for their LA area! PERFECT. Well, I never heard from him....until Friday! My mom said he had called her house (since I didn't have my new apartment at the time I gave him my resume)......so she told him I had moved to North Hollywood and gave him my numbers. Unfortunately, he never called. So, hopefully he'll call tomorrow too. This is really frustrating...... I need to be working......I have NO money.

Keep your fingers crossed and prayers said that SOMEONE IMPORTANT will call with GOOD NEWS tomorrow!

How are all of YOU doing? Did you get my brother's book yet? It's pretty cool.....I suggest you ALL go get it! I'm such the proud sister.
* 5:10 PM