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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Off to another meeting...... yes, we are moving up to sales.....no, the "promotion" isn't really happening. Long story.... more info to follow. Kind of bummed though.
* 2:05 PM

Meeting today with my group, the Platinum Team, and the Sales Department. There have been discussions about our group moving up to Sales and getting a nice promotion. I guess we are going to find out today at 11:00 am if that is actually going to happen. Keep your fingers crossed! A promotion is a good thing! Then, I have an appreciation lunch with my Senior Director. That should be cool. Extremely busy day today.

BUT- my plans are shaping up for a San Francisco trip in two weeks! I am getting really excited. The plan is to spend Saturday and Sunday with Derek, Sunday evening with Marissa, my friend in Oakland, Monday with my friend Danny who is also in Oakland, Tuesday with my friend Tiffany in Sacramento (she is doing a show at Sacramento Music Circus), and then come home on Wednesday. Yes, mom and dad, I signed up with AAA already! I even picked up maps and stuff! I can't wait to go. I've only been to San Francisco once and that was forever ago. I was on my way to Oregon and had a 5 hour layover in San Francisco. It gave me time to grab a burrito with Derek, see his place, meet Spoo, and then get back on the plane. I didn't really get to experience San Francisco. Plus, I've never taken a road trip by myself. Did I happen to mention how excited I am? *smile*
* 8:24 AM

So now parents are leaving their children in the car in 110 degree heat and the kids are dying.... in the back seat with their seat belts still buckled. I just don't get it. The latest father took his daughter out while he ran errands. When he got home, he unloaded all of his things but "accidentally" left his daughter in the back seat while he went inside. FOUR HOURS LATER, his wife came home and found their three year old daughter slumped over in their minivan that was sitting in the driveway. How do you "accidentally" forget your child for four hours? How pathetic......and sad. I wonder if the media will increase its coverage of these types of incidents just like they are covering the abductions. Are there any news stations that are talking about the GOOD things going on in the world? Grrrrr.......
* 8:09 AM

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

On a lighter note...... all is good here. Possible promotion on the way.... updates to follow.
* 8:50 AM

What is the deal with all of these child abductions? I am sickened by it all. So many names of young children......taken from their homes..... Danielle Van Dam, Elizabeth Smart, Samantha Runnion, the other little boy in San Diego Jaheed Turner (or something like that) and now Erica Pratt......who chewed through the duct tape and escaped. I can't even believe this..... I'm sure there have been numerous abductions in the past that just weren't as heavily publicized. Maybe the media has decided that abductions are the "new cool thing" and are just publicizing it more. Either way, it makes me ill. To think that a five year old girl was taken from her home, sexually abused, and then killed by asphyxiation and left naked on the side of some highway in some sand is just horrible. I can't begin to imagine what her parents must be feeling like. If anything happened to any one of my family members or friends, I would be so devastated. And this was a daughter..... a five year old little girl. *deep breath*

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have had their children TAKEN away from them. It's just so sad......
* 8:48 AM